August 05, 2013

The layout has been polished up and the content has been redone (wow, finally!). A few errors in the information have been fixed. Most of the sections have been expanded. I also added a few new articles in the information section of the site.

May 11, 2006

A new layout here as well as a radio in the media section so you can sample music. (I so stole that idea from Stacey Anne, but don't worry--I linked her for it! ^_^)

July 21, 2005

Name change, first of all. Second, I added the puppets section in the information, moved the enemies section to information from mm&fan (which was previously just media and game), and I extended the name information to include Cornet's last name and the names of other central characters. I also added some extra ramble in some of the sections since I was feeling goofy. ._. Oh, and finally, a new layout!

July 06, 2004

I finished the lyrics section today (added lyrics for: Amphibian Paradise, Evil Queen, Mountainmen's Song, and Amazing Pirates).

Rhapsody songs make me feel better when I am not feeling so well. X3 They're so cute.

November 04, 2003

Ohh I added more official artwork pictures in the gallery. Annd I put some of the lyrics back up. Also added a new wallpaper~

October 23, 2003

New layout! This site has been offline for such a long time...

January 22, 2002

Added a new fanart and joined a clique... ^^

January 21, 2002

+ officially released! ^^;


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