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Can we affiliate?
Please check out the affiliates page for more information on affiliating. Currently affiliation is open if you're interested!

Can I reuse pictures from your gallery?
Sure, go ahead! I would prefer if you did not reproduce my entire gallery on your own website since it did take me a long time to put together (especially the official artwork); on the other hand I did capture these screenshots for fans' benefit (not to mention they don't belong to me, but rather to the game studio), so the more people who see them the better! These days I don't have too much of a problem with hotlinking, but I appreciate it more if you upload the image elsewhere. Please do not reuse fanarts without first receiving permission from the artist, though! (That policy of course applies to all fan material!)

How did you make the screen caps in the gallery?
To be clear, all media provided in the media section is based on the original PlayStation format of the game. I have NOT played the DS port nor do I intend to.

I made all screen caps from the gallery and all video tutorials via a capture device from AVerMedia, which can be physically installed on a PC to accept various inputs (composite, component, etc.). I can then hook up my consoles (including the PlayStation 3, Wii, the original NES, and many things in between; not, however, handhelds, which do not interface with such inputs) and use AVerMedia's media suite to record the game as I play it, or to take screenshots. Since the official art is acquired through game play, even the art is technically screen capped from the game although I've done significant work to clean it up and get the dimensions correct.

Can I make a submission?
Sure! If you have a Rhapsody fanart, fanfiction, cosplay, or little tidbit that could easily belong in the "fan" section of the multimedia page, please feel free to submit it. You can either attach it in an e-mail right away or inform me first (if you'd like), or you can send me a link to it if it's already online. Please make sure that your material is appropriate for children 13 and older (that is, nothing pornographic in nature, etc.) and that you yourself have created it.

I found a mistake!
Please send me an email. I've tried to give the site several run-throughs to catch errors, but if I missed one I'd be grateful for your tip.


All of the information in the Sleeping Beauty section was researched from The Folktale by Stith Thompson (ISBN 0-520-03537-2).

All of the information in the cultures section was researched from


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