I currently have no affiliates. If you want to be an affiliate, the requirements are pretty simple. I would like to affiliate with video game sites, especially for games or characters that don't receive a lot of attention. I will not affiliate with a site that contains unmarked adult content (friendly for kids ~13 and older), a site with no content or stolen content, or a site that I cannot read (that means if your site has text too small to read or uses colors that make the layout too hard to use, I will have to decline). If you're interested (and I hope you are!), please contact me!!


Threads of Fate fan


I'm afraid I've been away from the fandom for a rather long time and all of the links in this section were broken. If you own a site about Rhapsody or another under-appreciated RPG title (such as Threads of Fate or one of the Lunar games), please email me!! I love to find new sites, so don't be too shy to tell me about yours! (:


Please link to Thank you so much!


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