I first played Rhapsody on the PlayStation in 2001 with my friends Christine and Mallory. As such, it was the first tactical RPG I played. I instantly fell in love with the sweet designs, cheerful characters, and cute music that the game offers. What attracted me initially to this game still does today--I still love how the game isn't too dark, is epic, and contains all the qualities of a fairy tale with a lot more playfulness. I also really enjoy the fact that the main character is a girl with an actual personality. Despite how charmed I was with the game from the first moment, I wasn't especially fond of the tactical aspect (this still isn't my favorite form of RPG because it takes so long to battle!) so it did take me awhile to finish it. When I did, I found myself revisiting my favorite scenes a lot and listening to the soundtrack to cheer me up so I began constructing a website for Cornet, the hero and my favorite character of the game, in January of 2002.

On January 21, 2002 I published this site for the first time. Initially I was fond of it and loved spending time on the articles for it, but after a few months I grew tired of maintaining the site. As a result, I sent the files to my friend Christine who took care of it for part of the year. Eventually it changed hands again, and throughout the time I've had it back it's featured an unfortunate amount of down time due to being busy offline. Now at last Little Dream is back, although it probably will never be as active as it was in its first few weeks of life.

This site has had several name changes. At first it was called Fly to the Stars, a line from one of the many Rhapsody tracks. When Christine took over she chose to rename it Look to the Sky, after a Train song, which I loved and kept for a long time. Eventually I changed it to Little Dream.

Layout Archive

Chapter 01: Through the Driving Rain
Little Dream was born into a very graphical world, where each information section of the site featured a different layout (tiled in the picture above). Media and fan materials as well as the main page utilized the same layout. All pages used tables.

Chapter 02: Now That I've Found You
Made by my friend Christine, this beautiful frames-based layout was also highly graphical and also a pleasure to browse. Unfortunately, it only worked properly in Internet Explorer. This version was mostly yellow and green, an on-going theme for this site apparently.

Chapter 03: Goodbye
Another yellow and green layout, featuring some more artwork of Cornet. This was quite an uncomfortably constructed layout using frames.

Chapter 04: Deep Love
Once again a yellow and green layout, this version returned to tables and thankfully used some larger text.

Chapter 05: When You Smile
This version broke away from the color scheme of the previous few and was mainly pale brown and blue. With frames and small text, it was difficult to browse.

Chapter 06: Peace for the Lonely
Little Dream was finally given a browsable layout, with large frames and readable text, although this layout, using shades of brown, wasn't its proudest moment.

Chapter 07: Sigh
The layout here lasted quite a long time, mainly because, while not a sterling example of graphics design, it was easy to use and much better-looking than the previous version in soft shades of yellow and lavender. This version went back to tables.

Chapter 07.5: Sunny Afternoon
The current layout is just a fixed up version of 07, with a larger text area, some minor improvements to the header, and a conversion to the modern world (ie it's no longer tables-based but rather makes use of DIV layers).


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