Once Upon a Time

Cornet, an orphaned girl who leads a quiet life in the little village of Orange, is about to begin an epic quest!

Cornet spends much of her time day-dreaming about her one true love, a prince charming of her own. One day while with her friend Kururu in the woods, she is attacked by a dragon and who should turn up but Prince Ferdinand, heir to the throne in Marl's Kingdom? Too stunned to speak, Cornet watches her gallant prince say good bye after he bravely dispatches the monster.

With the encouragement of Kururu, Cornet decides to take action to meet the prince once more. Despite rather strange difficulties interfering with her plans to woo the prince, and several failed attempts to meet him, Cornet finally finds herself alone with Prince Ferdinand! Until something truly terrible happens...

The sexy sorceress Marjoly, infamous throughout the land, shows up with her gang of minions. Marjoly falls in love with the prince on the spot and abducts him for her own! And now, it is Cornet's turn to save the prince.

So begins her journey across Marl's Kingdom. Sometimes she makes choices she regrets deeply...other times, she brings joy to those around her. During her journey, she learns much about herself and grows from an average girl into a heroic adventurer, ready to win the heart of a prince!


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