Rhapsody Releases

Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure was originally released for the PlayStation first in 1998 in Japan and then in 2000 in North America. While it did well in Japan after its original release, it failed to take off in North America and as a result its sequels were never translated or released in English.

It was later re-released on the Nintendo DS, first in 2008 in Japan and North America and in 2009 in Europe. Unfortunately the DS version also failed outside of Japan, and there were a number of complaints with the re-release. First of all, fans were unhappy with the changes to the battle system (such as Kururu becoming a playable character and Cornet's attacks being removed). The game also has a bug that causes freezing during game play. Finally, bonus content that was promised for the game (and even advertized on the official website!) never made it to the North America or Europe releases.

The game was also released two additional times in Japan, where it did well on the market.


Rhapsody has two main sequels that have not been released outside of Japan. The first game, Little Princess, confirms that Cornet and Ferdinand's daughter is named Kururu as the game is her story. The third, Tenshi no Present, features different chapters with different characters and story lines.

Several side games, like a puzzler, were also released in Japan.


Characters from Rhapsody show up in other Nippon Ichi Software games such as La Pucelle Tactics, Disgaea, and Makai Kingdom. (Please check this spot in the future for more information.)


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