These are listed in alphabetical order.

A warrior living in the Gema Temple (as seen here), you'll need to answer his question with a yes and win a battle against him before he will join your party. After winning the battle, speak with him to have him join you.

Billy is one of three eggs you can have in your party. You must have the other two eggs, Kid and Tell, before you can find Billy. After acquiring Kid and Tell, go to White Snow and inspect the snowman in the upper part of town. Billy is inside the snowman (as seen here).

After the conclusion of Michael and Caroline's tragedy in Frogsburg, travel to the Ice Temple at any time and inspect the grave within (as seen here). Both Michael and Caroline will join you.

Chiba is a warrior located in the Tower of Ninetail (as seen here), available when you begin to ascend the tower with Albert and Gilbert. Answer Chiba's question with a yes and win a battle against him. After you have finished the battle, talk to him again for him to join you.

Duke is a knight who can be found in the Tower of Wisdom as early as your first visit there (as seen here). You must answer his question in the affirmitive and win a battle against him. After defeating him, speak to him again and he will join your party. He is the first of three knights.

Flare will be acquired as part of the story line at the Salsa Volcano (as seen here). He will join your party after your second visit to the dungeon.

An egg with the heart of a warrior (or possibly a surfer dude), Kid is available to join your party from your first visit to Mothergreen. Enter the home in the upper left corner (as seen here) and talk to the woman. She'll ask you to take the "toy egg" off of her hands, since it's just taking up space. After receiving the toy egg, exit the house and Kid will ask to join your party. He is linked with his two egg brothers, Billy and Tell, and he is required before the other two will join you.

Koro is found under the orange tree outside of the grave yard in Orange (as seen here), but he is only available after you have found the Waterstone.

When you visit the Tower of Wisdom, return to Polansky's room and speak with the puppet Ledgem in the corner. Afterward, Ledgem can be found in the Wonder Woods (as seen here). Speak with him to have him join your party.

This poor, bulky costume puppet is found in Burg's Restaurant. Fulfilling his dream is a part of the story line --- embarrassingly for Cornet --- so you will not be able to miss him. After defeating the Nyanko and Burg, a painting of Myao will fall and reveal an entrance into a closet or storage area belonging to the old theater. L-kun is sitting in the upper right corner (as seen here). Talk to him and agree to wear him to the contest.

After the conclusion of Michael and Caroline's tragedy in Frogsburg, travel to the Ice Temple at any time and inspect the grave within (as seen here). Both Michael and Caroline will join you.

NightSpawn arrives in Cornet's mailbox (as seen here) during the second part of the game, after you have collected the Waterstone. [Note: You may be required to be part of the Ferdinand Fan Club, but this is unconfirmed.] Please note that NightSpawn is called DarkKnight in your Order menu.

Sharte can be found in Cornet's house almost immediately after the game starts (as seen here). You can't miss her; she's your first puppet (after Kururu, of course), and you are required to allow her to join your party before the game will continue. Sharte is linked to her sister, Terra.

A second warrior egg to join your ranks. To get Tell, go the cave in Wonder Woods (as seen here) after getting Kid. He is linked with two other eggs, Kid and Billy. You will need Kid to recruit Tell, and Kid and Tell to recruit Billy.

Terra can be found in Cat's Eye Mine. She is linked with her sister Sharte, who must be in your party for you to acquire her. You will encounter Terra in the mine (as seen here) shortly after you arrive in BlueCat. First you must defeat Terra alone in battle, then you must defeat a group of Nightmares who have been controlling her. After the battles, she will join your party.

Puppet Quests

Puppets all have side quests, or some task to do in order to fulfill their dreams. Once a quest is finish, the puppet's soul will go to heaven but the puppet will remain behind in order to continue fighting in battle.

Terra & Sharte - Once both sisters have attained level 30 in battle, their dreams will be fulfilled (as seen here).

Ledgem - Ledgem just wants to be taken deep into the Netherworld. Once you arrive in the correct room (as seen here), his departure scene will automatically start no matter if he's in your party or not.

Duke, Albatross, and Chiba - Deep in the Netherworld, you will find the Ancient Weapon sitting against a wall (as seen here). With all three knights in your party, approach and battle him (if you put the knights in your party after entering the room, you'll need to exit the screen to the previous room and return). When you win, the three knights will have completed their dream.


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