Cornet's HornA cornet is a type of horn similar to the trumpet, but much more compact and therefore smaller. Like the trumpet, it is a brass instrument with three valves, with buttons that can be depressed to change the tone. The cornet originated in the 1820s in France, its parent being the post-horn (also a brass instrument, but without any valves). You can see a picture of a cornet here.

Given that Cornet plays a horn (as well as uses it for her weapon) that seems to be a cornet, and the importance of music in the game, it is not too surprising a name.


Espoir is the French noun for the concept of hope, which makes sense as Cornet is always hoping for (and daydreaming of) a love story with a heroic prince. It also fits quite well in that she becomes the kingdom's hope of rescuing Prince Ferdinand after he's been abducted and turned to stone.

In the game booklet, Cornet's last name is spelled Espoire, but in the game text it's given as Espoir. Espoire is most likely a typo since the actual word in French is spelled "espoir."

Other Characters

Cherie - The name of Cornet's mother, this is French for friend---a meaning which is definitely well-matched if thought about in the context of the relationship between Kururu, Cherie, and Cornet!

Etoile - French for star, which fits our girl quite well as Etoile is always the center of attention, shining, and glamorous.

Ferdinand - Originally from two German words meaning brave and peace, this has hisotrically been a popular name in many European countries, especially Spain and Portugal. This original meaning fits well with our Ferdinand as he's brave (such as facing a monster to protect Cornet) but easy-going and peaceful.

Rosenqueen - (Etoile's last name.) Rosen is German for "rosy," but is often a last name on its own. Aggregated with queen this last name means rosy queen, a fitting name for Etoile, who is feminine and pretty, and aspires in competition with Cornet to become the next queen.

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