Game Basics

Game Summary
A spoiler-free introduction to the game.

Information on the formats in which Rhapsody is available for play. This also includes information on Rhapsody's two sequels, as well as Rhapsody cameos in other media.

Battle Basics
Details on Cornet's battle moves and how to use them.

Character Details

A statistical profile as well as a historical biography on Cornet. Just the basics on her character and her role.

In Depth
A more detailed look Cornet's past, family and home, personality, and dreams.

The meaning behind the names "Cornet," "Espoir," and other characters' names.

An introduction to the relationships Cornet has with other characters in the game, both friend and foe (and those who fall in between)!

Detailing the myraid puppets who join Cornet's journey, from brief biographies to information on how to get them in your party. When applicable, there's also information about origins or speculations of the many puppets.

Information on Cornet's costumes and designs, complete with pictures.

Other Interpretations

Cultural Influences
A look at the cultures that have influenced the design of the game from its architecture to its names.

Sleeping Beauty
Rhapsody can certainly be described as a Sleeping Beauty story, and this section provides details on the connection between Rhapsody and the famous fairy tale.


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