Cornet's Childhood

Cornet was born in a small, friendly place called Orange Village. Her mother Cherie was a descendent of the Ancient race, while her father was the son of a famous hero named Mustaki, whom Cornet knows as her grandfather. Both of Cornet's parents died while she was very young; her mother died in order to save Cornet from an Ancient machine, while her father died fighting in the Minstrel Wars. Because the Wars took place sixteen years ago from the start of the game (and it's given that Cornet is sixteen years old), it is almost certain that Cornet never actually met her father before he died; if they were ever together, Cornet could only have been a few weeks or months old and it really doesn't seem likely. After the loss of her parents, Cornet was raised by her grandfather, who is a famous hero and an expert on puppet repair.

Cornet's best friend is a fairy puppet named Kururu, who has been with her since childhood. Later in the game it's revealed that Kururu's true identity is actually Cornet's mother, who, after dying, became a puppet in order to help Cornet fulfill her life's dream.

EtoileBefore her parents' death, Cornet's closest friend in childhood was actually her now-rival Etoile. Etoile became spoiled, however, and the two became enemies, rivalling each other for everything. It's hard to believe they were ever on good terms, considering how poorly Etoile treats Cornet. However, by the end of the game they begin to make amends.

Despite the early tragedy in her life, Cornet has grown up to be a cheerful, outgoing young woman, owing to the support of her grandfather and Kururu.

Cornet's Dream

For years, Cornet's dream has been to find her knight-in-shining-armor---a heroic prince to call her true love. She frequently daydreams about her ideal prince and laments his absense. Meanwhile, Kururu encourages her to take action on her dreams and to go after a prince herself, rather than wait for one to come to her! Cornet's journey during Rhapsody is about learning to pursue her goals (since it falls to Cornet to rescue Ferdinand) without becoming too pushy or insensitive (like Marjoly is). Finally, Cornet catches her prince and they marry!

However, the event isn't without sorrow as well. In the game, each puppet has one wish, and once that wish comes true the puppet will die. Because Kururu's one wish is for Cornet's dream to come true, when Ferdinand and Cornet are happily united, Kururu dies. It's a very bittersweet end.


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