Kururu & Cherie

KururuKururu is Cornet's best friend and closest companion. Kururu is a puppet that Cornet has had since she was a small child, who has been with her ever since. Kururu is unique as a puppet because she can talk to any human, a skill not available to normal puppets who can only communicate with Cornet.

Kururu is slightly goofy and very confident, and she often gets the pair into trouble with her big mouth. Fortunately, Kururu is also extremely supportive of Cornet. As a matter of fact, her wish as a puppet is to help Cornet achieve true happiness. When Cornet is truly happy, then Kururu knows she will go to heaven.

However, this close bond is more than it appears. Later in the game it is revealed that Kururu is actually Cornet's mother, Cherie. When Cornet was a young child, she wandered into a secret passage where an ambitions man known as Minister Golonzo was activating an Ancient Machine, which he hoped to use to promote himself to greater power. Cherie arrived just in time to save Cornet's life, but she sacrified her own in the process. After Cherie died, she used Cornet's toy Kururu to keep watch over Cornet.

Prince Ferdinand

Prince FerdinandFerdinand is an idealized prince charming --- he is gentle, gallant, modest, down to earth, honest, and kind. Although his actual interactions with Cornet are limited during the game due to the fact that he's been turned to stone, from early in the game and at the end it's obvious that Ferdinand is truly in love with Cornet. He is able to see past her tomboyish exterior and often goofy mistakes to the affectionate girl she is.

Ferdinand is also not at all concerned with Cornet's status as a "commoner" rather than as a noble or wealthy lady. As a matter of fact, his own mother, Queen Siegrind, was also born as a commoner.

Etoile Rosenqueen

EtoileEtoile makes her entrance during Cornet's first visit to Mothergreen, where she spots Cornet and instantly begins to tease her. From then on, she'll make appearances to tease Cornet, mostly about Cornet's lack of money, beauty, and intelligence. After several scenes of taunting you, during the MISS MARL'S contest Etoile will prove that she does have an interest in Cornet's well-being --- she just has a unique way of showing it. It helps that Etoile is in no way interested in marrying the prince, so they aren't romantic rivals.

Etoile is very rich, and she is accustomed to getting what she wants with money. Growing up, her parents were too busy for her and compensated by giving her money. As a result, she came to depend on money in the place of love. She has a rather harsh view of the world, believing that hard work means nothing --- in her view, only money, aided by beauty, can bring success. Despite her view point, she's actually lonely and has a difficult time connecting with her peers (a lot of people admit that, while beautiful, Etoile is just a snob), and she desperately craves the attention of her parents.

During the game, while Etoile continues to tease Cornet and struggle with letting her emotions show, Etoile and Cornet's relationship is repaired. By the end of the game, they seem to be on good terms again! Furthermore, Etoile seems to have some of her good faith in the world restored...at least partially.


Marjoly is a witch who, despite having an enormous number of years of magical experience, tends to be bumbling. After arriving at the castle to attack Prince Ferdinand in revenge for defying Myao, Marjoly falls in love with the prince and decides to abduct him. However, she accidentally turns him into stone. Marjoly and her crew then take the stone prince to their home, Beauty Castle, where they attempt to find a solution for breaking the spell that does not require a maiden's kiss (as it turns out, Marjoly no longer qualifies as a maiden).

Despite being the main villain in the game, Marjoly is actually comedic and, as a character, is used to poke a little bit of fun at this style of bad guy --- a sexy sorceress with very little clothing. And despite her claims on being evil, Marjoly is really more selfish than anything. She isn't really interested in world domination, just pursuing her own self-interested whims.

Her main rivarly with Cornet is romantic; other than Cornet's interference regarding Prince Ferdinand, Marjoly does not really care about her. On the other hand, since Cornet does represent a threat, and because she is collecting the Heartstones, which will allow her to help save the prince, Marjoly's crew show up frequently to attack Cornet.

Marjoly is also apparently quite old, as she shows up in the Frogpeople's mythology.


Myao is one of Marjoly's three minions, and she is the first you encounter in the game. Actually she appears very early on in the game, bullying you and Kururu for your Inotium. Myao then summons a dragon to attack Cornet, at which point Prince Ferdinand steps in and slays the dragon. Myao then goes and tattles on him to Marjoly so that the crew can get revenge.

Understandbly, Myao has the biggest problem with Cornet out of Marjoly's entire gang. And out of the entire gang, Myao is probably the most violent despite her cute appearance. Not only does she have her Nyanko minions attack people, but she summons dragons to kill those who defy her. At one point in the game she has no problem summoning a dragon to use as a vehicle, which she crash-lands into the Marl castle in Mothergreen, killing the creature. Later, she releases monsters into the pond between Frogburg Castle and KeroKero, killing countless Frogpeople. She is often seen shouting "Punishment!"


Crowdia is a vain, self-centered woman who likes to show off. She's the most intelligent of the crew, and despite being so self-interested she is probably the most compassionate of the four of them, particularly towards animals/monsters. Most of her attacks on Cornet and Kururu are verbal, and she unleashes some rather scathing remarks after your party kills the dragon in Salsa Volcano.


Gao is a muscle-bound woman who frequently gets mistaken for a man. She doesn't prize intelligence too highly, instead priding herself on her muscular body. While she does attack Cornet several times, she does so purely for Marjoly and, unlike Crowdia and Myao, does not seem to really have a big problem with Cornet.


Golonzo is the truly "evil" character of the game. He is responsible for the death of Cornet's mother Cherie; after activating an Ancient Weapon that he hopes to use to gain power, he leaves it to attack a very young Cornet, who is saved by Cherie's interference.

At the end of the game, he makes in appearance to re-activate the Ancient Weapon and use it to dominate the world. Luckily, Cornet is there to put things back in order!

Why Golonzo is filled with so much hate is something of a mystery. It would appear that he is mostly just power hungry, and probably sick of everyone hating on him for being a creeper. That said, Golonzo is very well-liked by the Frogpeople, who all seem to find him extraordinarily handsome.


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