CornetName: Cornet Espoir[e] (in the game booklet, it's spelled Espoire but the game text spells it Espoir)

Age: 16

Height/Weight: 5'0" (152 cm)/100 lbs (45.36 kg)

Eyes/Hair: Green/blonde

Occupation: Puppeteer

Hobby: Singing, playing the horn, and cooking

Favorite Food: Fruit

Dislikes: Toads!!

Voice Actress (English): Sara Thomas

Voice Actress (Japanese): Kaoru Fujino

About: Cornet, orphaned as a young girl, grew up under her grandfather's care in peaceful Orange Village. Cornet's mother was descended from the race of Ancients, and her father was the son of a famous hero. Cornet possesses a special ability to communicate with puppets, which she inherited from her mother. Her best friend, Kururu, is even a puppet! Kururu, however, is a unique puppet in that she is able to communicate with all humans, whereas most can only communicate with Cornet.

Cornet is talented at playing a horn, and plays at Melody Square in town centers for extra Inotium. She is a kind-hearted, cheerful, spirited, and determined girl who spends much of her time day-dreaming and cooking. Cornet one day hopes to find a wonderful prince she can call her true love...


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