Normal Attire

Cornet's normal attire is a casual, comfortable ensemble. The following is a description based on the most common official artwork, which Cornet can be seen wearing after she decides to rescue Prince Ferdinand. During the portion of the game until then, she wears an outfit with similar colors but slightly different details, for example she wears a red hair ribbon instead of a cap.

Other Outfits

Some of the official artwork shows alternate designs for Cornet, and we also see her with several other outfits during the game.

Design #01
Cornet wears a simple, oversized beige knitted sweater. Her hair is a lot longer, braided. She also wears tan boots with white socks and carries a green bag with her.

Design #02
The shirt in the second design is actually pretty similar to the one that Cornet wears in-game; it's long-sleeved and has a diamond pattern on the sleeves. It appears, however, that she is also wearing overalls or a jumper (?) with this shirt, and her hair is longer and held up in a clasp.

Design #03
This is just a cute, pink dress with a bow in the back and a matching bow in her hair. She wears a long-sleeved, white shirt beneath.

L-kun Costume
Cornet wears this big, bulky costume to a ball-dance in order to help the puppet L-kun have his dream come true.

Wedding Dress
Of course, this lovely white dress is what Cornet wears at her wedding with Prince Ferdinand.


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