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Like Celes, the game's villain Kefka is a product of the empire. In many ways they seem to be different sides of the same coin. On the one hand, we have Celes: collected, controlled, but lacking in confidence; on the other, Kefka: brash, wild, and arrogant.

Celes and Kefka both underwent the same procedure in their youths to gain magical power in order to become Magitek Knights. Kefka was the first test subject for this procedure, and as the technique was not yet perfected Kefka's mind was damaged irreversibly. Celes emerged, many years later, with far better results. One of the major differences between Kefka and Celes, despite their similar histories, is that Celes remains capable of rational, analytical thought. She is able to consider long-term effects of actions, whereas Kefka will indulge in terrifying and cruel whims as long as they contribute to, or support the image of, his power. It's interesting to note that although Kefka represents a wild, chaotic mind with little regard for structure, he craves control over the entire world and by the end of the game wishes to kill everything, leaving behind not even a trace of disorder. On the other hand, Celes has quite a lot of control over her actions and mind. Celes certainly makes rational choices, and by the time Locke unchains her she is ready to begin making moral choices as well. But her long-term goal is not the total dominion of all mankind; like all of the Returners, it is balance for which she aims.

Kefka is a great picture of what Celes could have easily been herself.


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