site history

Carry Me Away was originally opened in October 2001. After losing the files for the site, I shut it down only to begin reconstructing in 2003. By 2004 I opened a very stunted version of the site, and took it offline again not longer after. The latest incarnation has just been an exercise of self-indulgence: with the rise of Wikis, YouTube, etc. much of the game information and media is no longer relevant here, so I focused only on my interpretations. CMA will probably remain small.



For the accurate translation of Celes's suicide scene: this YouTube video.

For discussion and some other translations: this thread on IGN.

For the English script: Karpah's IGN file.

For a very literal Japanese to English translation: Sky Render's script file.


site credits

This site was designed using a character design of Celes by Yoshitaka Amano. It was edited in PhotoShop CS5 and coded by hand in Notepad++.

The quote on the index page comes from a poem called "I live my life in growing orbits" by Rainer Maria Rilke.


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