and I still don't know if I am a falcon, or a storm,
or a great song.

This is a small dedication to Celes Chere, swordswoman and general of the Empire from Square's RPG Final Fantasy III/VI. The passage below is linked to more in-depth articles concerning Celes, and each link is equipped with a roll-down with more information about its destination.

Celes Chere: born to serve, bred to fight. A genetically engineered soldier, infused with the powers of the Espers and general for the Empire, Celes is neccessarily a pragmatic, even frosty woman. But in spite of her outward nature, she is struggling with the heavy burden of her choices. Kefka's mirror opposite, recipient of a white knight's promise, and a cold celestial compliment to mother earth. And just sometimes, maybe even an opera floozy.

Her entire life leads up to a single moment on a cliffside, where she must make a leap of faith, after which she is reborn into her full potential. One by one, the woman who was once indifferent towards others reunites her companions and warms her heart with sentiment.

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