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Locations - Fishermans Horizon

Fishermans Horizon is located offshore of Balamb, a sort of miracle of engineering, as a hub between the two halves of the Horizon Bridge (that lovely barricade that prevents a player from sailing easily around the sea in Balamb Garden!). Unsurprisingly, its founder was a famous technician back in his prime---now he's known as the Master Fisherman. (The guy you almost mow over with Balamb Garden on your first entry.) If you complete his side quest, you'll learn all about the origin behind the name; otherwise, the relevant information is provided below. (:

When the Master Fisherman teases both his best friend the shop keeper and Squall that he chose the name arbitrarily, Squall butts in to say:

I thought it was because you were fishing for a dream somewhere out on the distant horizon.

Although in the end the Master Fisherman claims he can't remember how he thought it up, Squall's observation truly sums up the spirit behind FH's founding. Started by disillusioned technicians from Esthar who had a vision for happiness and peace, with a strong urge to build those dreams, FH's citizens wanted to distance their new city from Esthar's increasingly militaristic way of life. Thus FH was born.

The residents of FH are reasonably laidback in attitude (very forgiving, open, and cheerful) but possess a strong work ethic. Most likely this stems from being the first generation to live independently of Esthar there, and having founded the town themselves they feel a strong sense of community and place.

FH is led by its mayor, Dobe, married to Flo. He believes heartily in peace talks, having come from Esthar himself. The Master Fisherman points out that in the beginning, Dobe strongly wanted to remain in Esthar in the hopes of changing it for the better, but in the end became a citizen of FH. Dobe was a scientist while living in Esthar conducting research on energy.

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