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Personality Bits

Many FFVIII players make up their minds about Rinoa's personality by their first glances of her. They see her surface personality as a helpless, sometimes childish, teenager who always wants her own way: in short, a spoiled princess. However, digging a little deeper, we see an incredibly headstrong woman with a clear definition of right and wrong, who wants to bring joy to those around her while preserving her sense of self.

Rinoa appears to have endless confidence: she voices her opinions and backs them up, she launches into battle with courage and skill, and she always stands up for what's right. However, this confidence is not necessarily the whole truth. Rinoa has very human moments of insecurity, questioning her worth in battle or wondering about her place, and when someone pulls her ability to contribute into question she feels compelled to prove herself. One of the first major scenes in which we see this happen is while the party is visiting Caraway's mansion in Deling City, where she decides to present the Odine bangle to Edea.

Rinoa: It's supposed to suppress the sorceress' powers. But, its effects are still unknown. So I don't think they're going to use it for this mission.
Zell: If it's Odine brand, it should be pretty effective! They're number one when it comes to magical goods.
Rinoa: Right! Right!

Quistis: So what exactly do you want to do with it!? Are you planning to have the sorceress put it on!? Who? When? How?
Rinoa: That's what we're going to discuss!
Quistis: We don't have time for that. Squall and Irvine are already standing by. We have an operation to carry out, too. You understand, don't you? This isn't a father-daughter quarrel. This isn't a game.
Rinoa: Who said this was a game...?
Rinoa: I understand what's going on...
Rinoa: It's not like I don't have a plan...

We can see from this interaction that Rinoa takes Quistis' blunt criticism very personally. Up until this point, Rinoa has considered herself an equal member of the SeeD party that would liberate Timber. She now begins to realize people think of her as a naive child, perhaps even a burden.

Caraway: It'll be chaos out there soon. You'll be safe here.
Caraway leaves the room, setting a lock.
Rinoa: Oh no! He's gonna lock me in!
Rinoa: I... I can do it...

Through multiple experiences, Rinoa continues to try to prove that she is, in her own words, on the same "wavelength" as the rest of the group. Often, she is not even making this effort to prove to others that she can accomplish these things, but to herself. This insecurity is part of her reckless, impulsive nature, but over the course of time in the game she grows, and comes into her confidence.

Rinoa is an upbeat person who really does have an attitude ready to conquer anything in her path. She doesn't hesitate or back down from the challenges set before her. Nothing in her life is wholly permanent: she has left home and spends all of her time with a political rebellion effort, living a life with little certainty. Despite her extremely fast-paced, active, and dangerous lifestyle, sometimes we get hints that this has less to do with her actual personality and more with her circumstances. In Disc 3 when Rinoa and Squall are alone on the Ragnorak, her life finally catches up to her and she admits that she wishes to remain alone with Squall forever. She doesn't want to face the waiting world.

Another clue to this side of her personality---the desire for an end to the reckless way of life---comes to us in an optional quest in Shumi Village. There is a moment while in Sculptor's room where you can talk to members of your party, and each little tidbit reveals something personal about that character. Rinoa herself states enthusiastically how cozy the town seems. Small declarations such as this one, which happen from time to time, indicate that Rinoa is searching for a little bit of comfort or stability.