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Missed Dream - Seifer's dream becomes Squall's
Love Debate - Seifer versus Squall?
Relationships - How Rinoa acts with others
Take on Life - Childhood
The Forest Owls - The Forest Owls rebel group

Rinoa in Battle

Rinoa's Battle Stats - Technical performance
Abilities - Powers learned from GFs
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YKYLRTMW...(The Original!)

This is CaA's original "YKYLRTMW..." written by Li and me. There have also been a few submissions, and these are added at the bottom (don't forget to add yours, too)!

  1. You wear black ribbons on your arms or other Rinoa accessories (rings, etc.).
  2. You paint wings all over your back, notebook, and walls.
  3. You get an Australian Shepherd and name her Angelo.
  4. ...And then try to use her as a vehicle.
  5. All of your clothes are Rinoa's colors: baby blue, white, or black.
  6. You rebel against EVERYONE. Particularly if they call you "princess!"
  7. You try to shoot things down with a makeshift weapon attached to your arm.
  8. You dig men with scars.
  9. You also dig men who abuse the belt concept.
  10. You go after angsty guys and force them to be happy!
  11. You give random people who don't know you dance lessons against their will.
  12. You go after evil sorceresses (or people you generally don't like) and make them PAY!
  13. You look for raw materials to make weapons...
  14. ...Oftentimes by trying to defeat animals resembling monsters at a local zoo/petshop.


  1. You try to make a train model...but fail miserably. (Angel of Apocalypse)
  2. You rally against the government, making sure that the leader is a dope who always has stomach aches. (Angel of Apocalypse)
  3. When someone chucks a psycho and it's partly your fault, and they scream about not wanting to die, you have no reaction whatsoever, and on your next meeting, you seem to have forgotten it completely. (Angel of Apocalypse)