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Missed Dream - Seifer's dream becomes Squall's
Love Debate - Seifer versus Squall?
Relationships - How Rinoa acts with others
Take on Life - Childhood
The Forest Owls - The Forest Owls rebel group

Rinoa in Battle

Rinoa's Battle Stats - Technical performance
Abilities - Powers learned from GFs
GFs - Mythology, uses, and stats
Magic - All of the magic that can be drawn
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Rinoa's Limit Breaks - Skills, Pet Pals locations, etc.
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Due to being a popular game in an extremely popular series, there is a lot of merchandise out there related to FFVIII. But now that the game is well over ten years old, it's become more difficult to find certain merchandise. For these two reasons, I will focus this guide on my own Rinoa-specific collection, and I will try to provide links to stores where these things may be purchased. Otherwise, names and companies are included to allow you to search more easily on eBay (and other shops) for these items.


Bandai Extra Soldier
The Extra Soldier action figures were commonly found in toy and gaming stores during Final Fantasy VIII's release. The Rinoa figure features a good level of detail (for being a cheap toy), including a Blaster Edge that could be removed from her arm. There was also a boxed set of several characters released that came with an Angelo figure, whose painting is not accurate to the game.

Kotobukiya Statue
I frequently see this called 1/6 scale figure as well. These Kotobukiya figures were also sold in gaming and toy stores after FFVIII's release. They've become somewhat rare and, despite the cheap quality, can get extremely expensive in auctions. Overall they are not really well worth the ridiculous prices of $50, $80, or even $100!

Coca Cola Bottle Cap Figurines
Coca Cola released several figurines of Rinoa. There is a red 'crystal' Rinoa chibi on a red base, a Rinoa chibi on a red base, a Rinoa on a red base, and a Rinoa on a yellow base. There may also be some other variations that I have not found. The chibi and crystal chibi seem to be the most common to come up in auction. Although I originally purchased the yellow base Rinoa on eBay, I can no longer find it.

Eraser & Pencil Topper
A set of Final Fantasy VIII erasers/rubbers and pencil toppers were released in Japan as capsule toys. I purchased the full set at an anime con, but I have also seen them come up on eBay under 'gashapon' and 'Bandai'. The eraser is a green barrel with a Rinoa wrapper around it, and the pencil topper is a chibi Rinoa on a blue base

Gashapon Capsule Toy
A multi-piece Gashapon toy of Rinoa could be won from capsule machines in Japan for awhile. The figure is actually surprisingly detailed for such a small, cheap toy. Rinoa is part of a set of Final Fantasy VIII characters, including a Chocobo, and aside from cons I've only seen them for sale on eBay.

Banpresto Figure

Trading Arts Statue & Chibi


Original Soundtrack (OST) [Tracklisting]
The FFVIII OST is a four-disc set containing music from the game.

Piano Collections [Tracklisting] The Piano Collections has piano arrangements of various FFVIII songs. This is probably my favorite album out of all those listed here, because I'm partial to the piano. This is certainly a high quality collection with some great songs!

Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec [Tracklisting]
Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec features fully orchestrated arrangements of several FFVIII songs. This CD is a great collection with some of FFVIII's best songs like Love Grows.

Eyes on Me Single
This CD contains Eyes on Me---both instrumental and as performed by Faye Wong---as well as one of Faye Wong's original songs called Red Bean. The CD these tracks are stored on is, unfortunately, tiny, which makes it difficult to use with some CD players. Otherwise, all three tracks are beautiful.

Distant Worlds I & II [Tracklisting]
These two soundtracks feature music from every Final Fantasy game and are a collection of songs from the Distant Worlds: Music From Final Fantasy symphony (which, by the way, is amazing---if you ever have a chance to see it, I really recommend it!). Both CDs are an excellent sampling of symphonic tracks from the whole series, with some lovely versions of FFVIII favorites.


Squall's Lion Ring

Sticker/Seal Book

CD Wallet

Triple Triad Cards

Playing Cards