Biography & Profile - An introduction to Rinoa
Look-Alikes - Others who look or act like Rinoa
Style - Cosplay and fashion inspirations
Quotes - Bits of Rinoa's dialogue
Mystery Blood - The significance of Rinoa's blood
Birthday - Girl's Day & birthday stuff
Sorceresses - Magic use in FF & Rinoa's role


Personality Bits - Examinations
Reflections - Rinoa in Rinoa's opinion
Is Rinoa Ultimecia? - The famous theory
Wings - Rinoa's recurring motif
Present - Rinoa as a symbol of the present
Politics - Rinoa's political beliefs
MBTI - Rinoa's possible "personality type" (ENFJ)


Family - Rinoa's parents
Angelo - Rinoa's best friend and battle partner
Missed Dream - Seifer's dream becomes Squall's
Love Debate - Seifer versus Squall?
Relationships - How Rinoa acts with others
Take on Life - Childhood
The Forest Owls - The Forest Owls rebel group

Rinoa in Battle

Rinoa's Battle Stats - Technical performance
Abilities - Powers learned from GFs
GFs - Mythology, uses, and stats
Magic - All of the magic that can be drawn
Rinoa's Weapons - Upgrading
Rinoa's Limit Breaks - Skills, Pet Pals locations, etc.
Scan Rinoa - An in-game profile of Rinoa


Game Basics - How to play, some helpful hints, etc.
Glossary - Some RPG terms as well as FF8 terms
SeeD Test Answers & Ranks - For cheaters!
Boss Strategies - With video tutorials
Side Quests - With video tutorials
Master Runs - The types of Master Runs for FF8
Timber Maniacs - Where to get TimMani mags
Triple Triad - A tutorial
Rare Cards - Win the rare TT cards

The World

Other Characters - Profiles of other characters
Location - Origins of location names, culture, etc.
Destiny - The importance of destiny and free will
Searching - The theme of seeking out fulfillment
Faye Wong - The voice behind "Eyes On Me"


Lyrics - Lyrics and translations of FF8 songs
Merchandise - A shopping guide
Desktop - Wallpapers, icons, cursors, etc.
Avatars & Icons - For use on forums, LJ, etc.
Cell Phone Wallpapers - Backgrounds for cells
Ringtones - FF8 music for your mobile phone
Trivia - Did you know this about FF8?

Fan Material

Fandom - Fanart, cosplay, and fanfictions
Fan Lyrics - Rewriting lyrics to pop songs for Rinoa
Alternate Theme Songs - Songs reminiscent of Rinoa
Sprites - Animated GIFs and sprites of Rinoa
Puzzles - Cross words/word finds, etc.
Triple Triad - Interactive Triple Triad!
Doctored Pictures - Humor, fan "confessions", etc.
Parodies - Advertising featuring the FF8 crew
Meme - Which "Rinoa" are you?
YKYLRTMW... - Too much love?


Change Log - An archive of updates
Networking - Links and linking in
Affiliates & Sister Clubs - Closer connections
History - Background, experience, and why
Layout Archive - Past layouts used on this site
Credits - Those who make this site possible
FAQ & Contact - Get in touch with me


August 23, 2014

I've finally finished a new layout. In the past few years I've attempted to redesign this site but nothing quite took off. I still have the content---particularly the analytical articles---under construction, but I have decided to publish this site as-is for now. I hope to continue filling in the remaining articles that still need re-writes, plus add several new sections. Thanks for sticking with me!

February 24, 2011

Oh dear...two years later...
I am now affiliated with Vanishing Star, owned by Ava, a reincarnation of a much beloved older Rinoa shrine. This site is a very mature analyzation of Rinoa and offers a lot-- and I mean a LOT-- of original content. Be sure to check it out!!

In other news...I seriously need to rewrite the content of this site. A lot of these articles I wrote as a teenager. All sections are in desperate need of heavy-duty updates. I apologize for my lack of--well, activity here. I am very busy with school and until recently work. I do intend to work on CaA again--I intend to do a LOT more actually. All in good time. Thanks so much for sticking with me through this dark period for CaA.


March 23, 2009

I know it's been a long time since I've updated here. I've just been so busy with school lately. Lame excuse, right? *sigh* Anyway, this beautiful layout was made by my great friend miss Annie~ Although I did edit it just a tad for readability (on my screen anyway haha). I luv it! Of course, she made this in 2007 and I coded it in November '07, so it's been waiting for a loong time to be uploaded, sadly. Well, in other news I've been cleaning up old sections recently. Be sure to check out the new media, too. I've added new avatars, I've redone the gallery, etc. All old information is being rewritten, plus I've added some new sections. I have a lot more tutorials available in the in-game section, including one for Triple Triad. I've also added a ton of video tutorials for various side quests and bosses! I really hope they're helpful to you guys. Lemme know if you have any requests! Basically FF8 is my stress relief for school, and now that I'm having a lighter semester I'd like to work on this site again. Especially now that I've 'grown up' since I've written a lot of this site and of course, I've noticed new things and also realized the silliness of some of my previous observations. It's four in the morning and I have school bright 'n' early so I'll make a more detailed update next time. Yippee! PS: long live FF8!!


August 14, 2006

Thanks so much to the lovely Salena, the fandom section is now available again. (: Finally! Everything is available but a few new sections that are in the works and, of course, the gallery, which I'm working on. :P


August 12, 2006

New layout here! I also FINALLY got around to putting the in game section back online. I still need to do the fanarts and fanfics though. ^_^

I had forgotten how long it takes to code all the content in a new layout for CaA. Way too long is how long it takes. But, it deserved a face lift now that it's part of!


March 03, 2006

An update at Capturing an Angel!! A new layout... which is actually just a rehashed version of an old, old layout. No new content. If I can get my bum in gear, I'll replay the game (yet again) and rework some of the old sections. Some stuff still needs to be put up, like the fanart/fanfics and the ingame section, but I really wanted to publish this on Rinoa's birthday (March 3), so I'll put that off a bit longer. So. Happy b-day, Rinoa!! ^_^


September 04, 2005

This is my final update for CaA [for now...]. A new layout. Some of the information has been re-written. A few new things added to the "you know you love Rinoa too much when..." section. And that's it.


February 23, 2005

New layout. Just about every thing has been rewritten. All essays have been touched up and most of had sections added to them. Working on a new look-alike.


February 13, 2005

Aaah! A new layout! ^_^ I also edited some of the essays. I hope to get the fanarts and fanfictions back up soon. :O Also, some of my affiliates seemed to have closed, so I changed some of the rules for new affiliations!


September 03, 2004

YAY! Two great new affiliates, both of which are Raine x Lagune shrines (and both are very gorgeous), so visit them both -- White Rose and Fragments of Memories.

Yay! Li is coming over tomorrow! Anime convention and a sleepover... ahh, what could be greater?!


July 05, 2004

Awesome! Brooke made me an adorable new banner, please check it out in the site section! Thanks so much, Brooke! I'm also working on the gallery again. Give me a few days on hopefully things will be updated quite nicely~ X3


July 02, 2004

I couldn't help it, I just had to affiliate with that lovely Squall shrine I mentioned below! Lost in Thought!


June 30, 2004

Link exchanged with a lovely, lovely Squall shrine, Lost in Thought!


June 26, 2004

New layout! Rhea gave me some great ingame screencaps (one of which is used in this layout), but I have yet to get my bum in gear and put them in the gallery. =_= Hang tight.


March 19, 2004

Woo! Today Against All Odds is finished. Finally, a great Squall shrine, Retrospect, has taken the last place. Please go visit~!


March 12, 2004

Edited the layout again. Added a new "theme song" under fan.


February 28, 2004

New layout and some new content. The in-game / battle section is now again functional, and has its own layout. I added a new WinAmp skin and new items under merchandise in the media section. In the fan section, you can find two new doctored pictures, a now functional cosplayers section, a new article about a present-day Rinoa, and two new fanarts.


January 04, 2004

Woo, I hope this new year is a good one for everybody. :) I added a new alternate theme song for Rinoa (x Squall), called I Will Be Right Here Waiting.


December 28, 2003

A brand new and wonderful fanfiction, called Angels and Lions. You can find it in the fanfiction section. ^_^


December 14, 2003

Against All Odds has a new member today! Silver Angel of the awesome Irvine shrine, Redemption!


December 14, 2003

I'm now part of Network8~ another alliance of FF8 shrines. Also, the fanart section is updated. Annnd another member at AAO, this time a great Quisty shrine called Minerva.


December 13, 2003

A new layout. I love stars... and this fanart is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. New member at Against All Odds; a Sefie shrine. Added two new sections under Rinoa information: how she views herself, and how others view her. Added new sections under fan: YKYLRTMW (with a major thanks to Li), the Javascripts section, I added a quiz, and free site graphics. I also put the game / battle section on pause while I reorganize it, as well is part of the media section... gomen =_=;;!


November 30, 2003

Wellp, Chrissine made me two pwetty new buttons~


November 27, 2003

I'm so cool! I spend my Thanksgiving making new layouts for my websites. :D I hope you like! I'm kind of proud of myself for trying something new, for once.


November 26, 2003

I hate the way this layout came out. New one soon.


November 23, 2003

Sorry for the lack of updates... I made a new, blue layout and starting revamping.


October 05, 2003

I updated more doujinshi scans in the gallery! Woo-woo! I also added alt-tags to the navigation, so now you know where you're going. I also have the updates archive back up. I also put the doctored pictures back up after I found them while doing the update archive.


October 04, 2003

This revamp's been taking awhile. T_T Just a simple layout this time. Wasn't in the mood for complexity. I also updated the gallery with official pictures and some doujinshi scans. Oh! And all of the battle files I was too lazy to format last time? They're back up now! *so proud of herself* I also moved the support essays into the information section.


September 16, 2003

Awesome new affiliate~ Cherry of the Irvine x Selphie shrine, Tides of Fate! You've got to go check it out, it's definitely a gem in the FF8 community!

Edit: Wow, this must be my lucky day~ another great affiliate! Everyone go visit Sara of Generator, an awesome - and fairly new - Rinoa shrine!


September 01, 2003

New layouts. ^^; I still need to fix some things in the second section, but I'll do that later... (*-- Bum)


August 25, 2003

Haw I'm getting popular or something. I have a new affiliate! Nell of the beautiful Quistis shrine, Precious Sting! It's great, more good Quistis shrines!


August 23, 2003

I have done a link exchange with Brittany I. But get this! Brittany I has ALSO made me the cutest banner and submitted five of the cutest fanarts I have ever seen. Isn't she so awesome? :O Thanks Brittany!


August 13, 2003

I'm now affiliated with the wonderful Roaring Flame! Now tell me that isn't dandy! Thanks, Rhea!


July 31, 2003

I finally added the Faye Wong section, which I know everyone's been dying to see... eep, I've forgotten to do a Balamb Babble this month - maybe there will be time tomorrow / later today... but I can only try - I have to be somewhere in several hours (yeah I know, I'm letting something else be more important than my website!) and my bed's piled up with junk.


July 03, 2003

I just realized I didn't upload the fanarts. (Or any updates records.) Fanarts are all now uploaded. Hey, it's what I get for using a gimp FTPer.


February 02, 2003

I rewrote some of the information articles. I also put the personality quiz back up under the fan category. I need to get back into the swing of updating this site, even if it is just for a new layout every once in a while...


January 04, 2003

I made a different layout, added some new content to all areas, and did a general clean up. Not quite what I had in mind for my big return, but hey...

Happy New Year's, everyone!


December 08, 2002

I made the layout sometime ago, but I'm cleaning out and adding a lot of content in honor of CAA's move to my new domain. Ungh, I doubt much will get done for awhile, I'm so tired and there's so much homework to do. And I flat out don't feel well. Oh well, I'll get over it eventually. So far I've added more music, new fanarts and added to the astrology section of Rinoa's information.


July 18, 2002

I have done a link exchange with Chibi Blink's Rinoa shrine, Lethal Wings, and her Ultimecia shrine, Eternal Existance!


July 16, 2002

Wow, tonight's a great night! I got two requests for affiliations, and what's better is they're both completely wonderful, well-done sites! The first is Punishment, an awesome shrine to Squall run by Stashia! The second is Slaying Tail, a beautiful shrine to Quistis run by Anika!


July 11, 2002

A revamp! All of the major sections (info, game, media, fan) have their own layouts. Flashy, ne? Anyway, enjoy! Oh, I also edited some of the galleries as I realized some of the links were broken. And thank you all so dearly for all of the hits! If that many of you really visit and my counter isn't lying, then I will definitely have to start updating more! Thanks, again!


July 10, 2002

I have quite a few updates for you today! First off, I have added new fanarts, new fanfiction, new gifs, a new quiz, and new support. I also have the weapons section back up with more, clearer information than ever! For all of the subpages on each index, there is a new table layout with bigger text, which should make it easier to read. Oh, I also added a section under site where you can vote for Capturing an Angel, if you deem us worthy! I also updated the links a small amount.

Edit: I added several more support sections, and I'm working on the galleries again.

Edit: I fixed a few nit-picky errors, and I added a lot of new pictures in the FMV gallery! I also joined two more webrings.

Edit: I added a fan section with doctored pictures, and this shrine now has a seperate and new guestbook for you to sign if you wish.


June 05, 2002

I added a new fan section, with songs that remind people of Rinoa.


May 27, 2002

I joined another clique.


May 23, 2002

New layout! Many, many thanks to Erin for it!
Since I have so many updates this time, I'll do it like this:
Information - Train quotes finished, Timber quotes completed, memorable quotes added; symbolism rewritten; birth attributes updated; look-alikes updated; ending, entrance, love, and relationships rewritten; name updated; pictures added to many sections.

In Game - Various articles orginally from information moved here; rewritten card section with Angelo included; GF section added; Triple Triad rewritten; story added; side quests added with nine different side quests available.

Media - MIDI of Eyes on Me under music added; piano sheets added; tons of FMV stills added.

Fan - New Gifs added; two new wallpapers added; support editorials rewritten; "did you know that...?" added; submitting guide added.

Site - I added tons more links, and I joined new webrings. Most importantly, I have a brand new, wonderful affiliate! Please go visit Rinny!


April 20, 2002

New layout! Under information, I cleaned up several of the articles, added two new quotes sections: one for the Timber script and another for memorable quotes. I also finished up the train script which I left hanging for awhile. I rewrote the wings and angel section, with a lot more about her theme and its meanings, and examples of things. I also added about two of Rinoa's other birth attributes: her flower, Violet, and her quality, courage. I added one more twin. I rewrote the ending, entrance, love, and relationships articles. I added pictures to several articles, and I'm working on adding more pictures to the other articles. I moved various articles of information into my newest section, the in-game section. These include a more broad range of coverage, like the TT tutorial (which I rewrote) and the meanings of FF8 places.


March 23, 2002

Yeah! I have a new affiliate! Silver Angel is really sweet and agreed to it! Please go visit her!! :3 Other than that, I added support to the fan section, so you can go take a look there, if you like!


March 14, 2002

I finished the information section, and I revised a lot of the contents there. I also added a section of twins to Rinoa, so go look and see! I finished redoing the rest of the content, as well, but nothing else is new, I'm afraid.


March 13, 2002

A new layout! *^^* I also got most of the information back up!


February 08, 2002

I have my first affiliate!!


February 02, 2002

A new layout; FMV gallery up; article about love; updated links.


January 10, 2002

A new banner.


January 09, 2002

A new layout.


January 03, 2002

A wallpaper added and a fanfiction added.


December 31, 2001

Information complete; new entrance added; new leaving added; revised information on ribbon; relationships up; new fanfiction by the wonderful Sakura!


December 12, 2001

A new layout; partial information is up.


November 16, 2001

Yeah! A new layout! I used a cursor I've never used before in the style. Anyway, I added a crossword puzzle I made to fan and also a wallpaper. ^^; I added information about her outfit, too. I even added several midis under music! That's it for right now!!


October 27, 2001

New layout! That's all - oh and it probably won't be up today either. I will probably add a few things later, as well! ^^;


October 20, 2001

I finished (finally)! I put Sitely and Fan up. I added new Fanarts, Desktop stuff, and new Gifs!! ^^;


October 16, 2001

Yeah! I finished putting all of the new, revised information up, and the galleries! I even added a brand new image, a doujinshi of Rinoa and Squall under Misc Gallery! :P


October 15, 2001

Nothing new but a layout. I'm going to join a few rings later on if I have enough time. :D


October 02, 2001

I finished the fan section's layout. I also added new GIFs, and desktop stuff under fan. I also added several new fanarts! That's all for now, perhaps some more later.


October 01, 2001

I made the new layout for "information" and I got all of the info up. I added a picture to "movement" and a bit about the Forest Owls. I corrected a few things and organized the quotes section. That's all for now. :D


September 30, 2001

I started a new layout(s)! I don't know when I will put it up though, it may be up to several days!


All prior updates have been lost.