Biography & Profile - An introduction to Rinoa
Look-Alikes - Others who look or act like Rinoa
Style - Cosplay and fashion inspirations
Quotes - Bits of Rinoa's dialogue
Mystery Blood - The significance of Rinoa's blood
Birthday - Girl's Day & birthday stuff
Sorceresses - Magic use in FF & Rinoa's role


Personality Bits - Examinations
Reflections - Rinoa in Rinoa's opinion
Is Rinoa Ultimecia? - The famous theory
Wings - Rinoa's recurring motif
Present - Rinoa as a symbol of the present
Politics - Rinoa's political beliefs
MBTI - Rinoa's possible "personality type" (ENFJ)


Family - Rinoa's parents
Angelo - Rinoa's best friend and battle partner
Missed Dream - Seifer's dream becomes Squall's
Love Debate - Seifer versus Squall?
Relationships - How Rinoa acts with others
Take on Life - Childhood
The Forest Owls - The Forest Owls rebel group

Rinoa in Battle

Rinoa's Battle Stats - Technical performance
Abilities - Powers learned from GFs
GFs - Mythology, uses, and stats
Magic - All of the magic that can be drawn
Rinoa's Weapons - Upgrading
Rinoa's Limit Breaks - Skills, Pet Pals locations, etc.
Scan Rinoa - An in-game profile of Rinoa


Game Basics - How to play, some helpful hints, etc.
Glossary - Some RPG terms as well as FF8 terms
SeeD Test Answers & Ranks - For cheaters!
Boss Strategies - With video tutorials
Side Quests - With video tutorials
Master Runs - The types of Master Runs for FF8
Timber Maniacs - Where to get TimMani mags
Triple Triad - A tutorial
Rare Cards - Win the rare TT cards

The World

Other Characters - Profiles of other characters
Location - Origins of location names, culture, etc.
Destiny - The importance of destiny and free will
Searching - The theme of seeking out fulfillment
Faye Wong - The voice behind "Eyes On Me"


Lyrics - Lyrics and translations of FF8 songs
Merchandise - A shopping guide
Desktop - Wallpapers, icons, cursors, etc.
Avatars & Icons - For use on forums, LJ, etc.
Cell Phone Wallpapers - Backgrounds for cells
Ringtones - FF8 music for your mobile phone
Trivia - Did you know this about FF8?

Fan Material

Fandom - Fanart, cosplay, and fanfictions
Fan Lyrics - Rewriting lyrics to pop songs for Rinoa
Alternate Theme Songs - Songs reminiscent of Rinoa
Sprites - Animated GIFs and sprites of Rinoa
Puzzles - Cross words/word finds, etc.
Triple Triad - Interactive Triple Triad!
Doctored Pictures - Humor, fan "confessions", etc.
Parodies - Advertising featuring the FF8 crew
Meme - Which "Rinoa" are you?
YKYLRTMW... - Too much love?


Change Log - An archive of updates
Networking - Links and linking in
Affiliates & Sister Clubs - Closer connections
History - Background, experience, and why
Layout Archive - Past layouts used on this site
Credits - Those who make this site possible
FAQ & Contact - Get in touch with me



Please at least scan the FAQ before e-mailing me. This saves time for the both of us, especially given my reputation for tardy replies! [:

Can we affiliate?
Currently I would like to affiliate with another site. However, I won't affiliate with just anybody anymore. So many sites come and go, so I'm trying to be careful in selecting one that appears to have staying power. What am I looking for? A shrine to a Final Fantasy VIII character with a lot of heart to it. Insightful essays, opinions, or personal touches. To me an affiliate is more than just site promotion (even if that's the original idea behind it); I hope to meet other FF8 enthusiasts out of it, which is why I care so much more about whether or not you have love and interest over the amount of fanarts you have, how old or how "popular" your site is, etc. So if you own a shrine that lets your love shine through (no matter how new, how small, or how intellectual), send me a mail and we'll talk!

Can you make a layout for me? What about my HTML code?
These days I don't make graphics for other people (I mean, I can barely manage for my own sites), but I'll help you with any coding questions you may have! I've been writing HTML since 1999, having learned on my own, and I'm a professional embedded software developer, so this is something I can definitely help you out with.

Can I use something from this site?
Do not take anything that's marked as a submission---you need to get in contact with the original creator first. A lot of info here is common knowledge---rewrite it in your own words. As for my articles and opinions, I would prefer you not reuse them freely; go ahead and quote (either for your own discussion or to provide an argument or agreement with my own writing), as long as you credit back here. However, please do not copy/paste my material. Information from my tutorials and guides are on pages that you can link directly to from your own site. If you want to copy/paste my tutorials anyway, please include the credit from the footer and do not change what I've created. If you're not sure about something, please ask first.

May I submit something?
Please do! I love submissions, they really make my day. Please consider sending anything for the fan section or possibly some media. (Please don't send in music files or screen shots, though!) Also, I will only post materials that are the same content rating as the game---please make sure your submissions are clean for teens and older. Oh, I hope I don't need to actually say this, but your submission must be your creation; don't send me someone else's work!

I'm stuck at a certain part in the game. Can you help me?
Despite all the walkthroughs available for free online and the tutorials I have available here already, if you really want my help specifically you can ask me. At this point, I really can't take requests for video tutorials unless you don't mind waiting for awhile---unless if I have a convenient save file nearby your area. You can at least ask! [:

How did you make the pictures in the gallery, or the video tutorials?
I made all screen caps from the gallery via a capture device called AVerMedia, which can be installed on a PC to accept various inputs (composite, component, etc.). I can then hook up my consoles (including the PlayStation 3, Wii, the original NES, and many things in between; not, however, handhelds, which do not interface with such inputs) and use AVerMedia's media suite to record the game as I play it, or to take screenshots. Artwork and official productions were scanned using a really old, decrepit scanner.


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