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Angelo's full name is Sant' Angelo di Roma. She was born on December 13 and adopted as a puppy two years prior to the beginning of the game. Her breed is Australian Shephard.

Rinoa holds Angelo in high regard; far from just being Rinoa's pet, Angelo is her partner. Looking at Rinoa's life at the beginning of the game, it makes sense that she would come to rely on her dog as a friend and not just a pet. Not only does Angelo aid Rinoa in battle, but Angelo is a constant companion in a very turbulent life style.

All of Angelo's battle abilities, along with Pet Pals locations and descriptions, is listed here.

Name Meaning

Sant' Angelo di Roma translated into English from Italian is Angel of Rome. As this article points out, Sant' Angelo di Roma is a rione, or district, of Rome. This district includes the pantheon building, one of Rome's most famous structures. It's interesting how close rione (plural rioni) is to Rinoa's name---probably not the origin of Rinoa's name, but definitely an interesting similarity and a possible motivation for giving her dog such an odd full name while keeping an angel theme.

Australian Shepherd

If any breed of dog had the temperment and energy required to perform Angelo's role, it would be the Australian Shepherd! The Australian Shepherd is a high-energy, intelligent, and people-oriented dog.

Aussies, as they are affectionately called, have coat colors including red, black, blue merle, and red merle. Angelo qualifies as a black with white markings and tan points, frequently called a tri-color Aussie. Merle refers to the speckling of a coat, and merled dogs often have bright blue eyes. Unfortunately, breeding two merle dogs very often results in severe health problems. Luckily, the AKC has finally banned breeding merled dogs together.

The bobbed tail that Angelo has can be naturally occurring, but unfortunately in many cases the breeder docks the dog's tail to bob it.

Aussies are extremely people-oriented and love to be with their families. When introduced properly, they usually do well with other dogs and, if socialized early enough, with cats as well. While their very social, loyal nature is an endearing part of the breed, they are often not happy left by themselves and may suffer separation anxiety. On the other hand, their eagerness to learn makes them very trainable dogs who are great to travel with. They're very well-suited to being running partners, doing agility or advanced obedience classes, and, of course, herding. It's important to remember when considering the Australian Shepherd for a pet dog that this is an extremely active breed and will require daily exercise sessions. Because of their high level of intelligence and energy, they also get bored very easily and need mental stimulation as well, which can be provided through daily positive reinforcement training sessions, puzzle toys, and walks with plenty of stopping and sniffing.

Real Life Angelo

Angelo was originally based on the dog of a friend of Nomura's, her designer. While I can't provide photos of her real-world inspiration, with the rise of pet accounts on social media it's not too difficult to find Aussies who resemble Angelo!

Maple the Aussie