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Nozomi - Shenmue (Dreamcast game)

Nozomi - Shenmue Nozomi is known for her strong sense of right and wrong, as someone who is willing to place herself in danger in order to protect others. Normally gentle and calm, she never hesitates to speak up for those who need a voice. She harbors a righteous heart and loving nature. Standing up for justice and not what is convenient---along with her ability to express her belief in this principle with poignant clarity---is what sets her apart from other characters. Nozomi, although gentler and more traditional than Rinoa, fears losing what she has in the present in a similar manner. For example, we can consider how Nozomi sees the hero of the game, Ryo. She is afraid of losing any moment with him---attached to his presence, she dreads the day they will need to part, which is not an unfounded fear. Likewise Rinoa fears being separated from those she loves. Also like Rinoa, Nozomi is involved in a love story, although hers is much less dynamic. Still, her love for Ryo is pure and honest, like Rinoa's for Squall. All in all, Nozomi seems like a much more subdued, gentler, and more traditional version of Rinoa. Aside from these similarities in circumstance and personality, they share the same rounded face, dark eyes, and dark hair. (Shenmue official site)

Kaldea - The Bouncer (PS2 game)

Kaldea - The Bouncer Kaldea is a lonely and tragic woman who spends her life in almost total isolation. Once a well-adjusted and bright young woman, she was abducted from her home and family. After being abducted, she becomes the laboratory test subject for a frightening procedure that allows her to change forms between woman and panther. In exchange for this amazing ability, her life expectancy is cut dramatically.

Kaldea and Rinoa's resemblence is mostly physical, which is probably resultant of their shared designer. Their dark hair, cut in a similar style (both of comparable length as well as matching feathering/layering), to the same deep eyes as well as likeness in facial structure lend them a lot of shared features. However, Kaldea does appear to be more physically mature than Rinoa. (The Bouncer official site)

Rem - Trigun (anime)

Rem - Trigun Rem is a character who respects all living things, whether good or evil, and strongly believes that everything and everyone should have a chance to grow and change. Despite her generally kind nature, she takes her beliefs to an obsessive level with bad results. Still, she admirably turns the other cheek, always sacrificing herself before allowing anything around her to come to harm. Her firmly held ideals influence Vash (the hero of the story) so greatly that he is unable even to defend himself from his enemies, even those who have murdered countless other humans and would continue doing harm to others. Typically he finds lucky ways to get out of bad situations.

While Rinoa is not as idealistic in this sense, she does believe strongly that people have the right to be free, and she fights just as intensely for this as Rem fights for her own ideals. Rinoa also has a similar element of self-sacrifice, in that she's willing to accept the use of sorceress powers despite the fear she feels at losing control of herself. The resemblence here is mostly physical: similar hair cuts, facial features, and overall design. Rem is a lot taller as well as a bit bulkier, and clearly older than Rinoa.

Brenda Song (actress)

Brenda Song - actress (Thanks, Krysten, for the suggestion!)
Brenda Song is a young actress who grew up in California with her family. According to her official website, she thinks herself a "total dork" who enjoys shopping, studying, and trying foreign foods. I don't see many parallels in her personality with Rinoa's, but I don't know too terribly much about her. Brenda has appeared in several recent movies such as Like Mike and has also played several roles in a lot of Disney original series, including Phil of the Future and The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Rinoa and Brenda Song both have the same round face and warm features---a big smile with a full bottom lip and dimples. Both also have golden highlights in their hair.

Much of the resemblence seems to have gone away with Brenda's more mature look, which makes sense because Brenda is now older than Rinoa. Still, I think she should cosplay! [; (Brenda Song's official site)

Leia Organa (movie franchise)

Princess Leia - Star Wars "I don't know who you are or where you came from, but from now on you'll do as I tell you, okay?" --- Leia taking charge of her "rescue" party in Episode IV
The Final Fantasy series as a whole has been at least mildly influenced by the Star Wars franchise, seen in subtle hints such as monster designs to far more obvious tributes such as the recurring Biggs and Wedge characters. Like Rinoa, Leia is stubborn, independent, unafraid to speak her mind, and wholly dedicated to her rebellion; straight-forward and dedicated, both women have strong senses of right and wrong. Rinoa even bears the nickname of "princess".