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Magic Users in Final Fantasy

Magic has been an important concept in the Final Fantasy series since its earliest title. Final Fantasy I offers a class system that the player uses to create characters, including red, white, and black mages. For much of the early part of the series, magic was a property of a character's class; however, there are some interesting magic users for whom magic is more than just an assignable or marginal ability.

Final Fantasy IV - A number of party characters in FFIV are magic users. Rydia is a child whose village Mist is destroyed early on in the game. A member of a Summoner tribe, she is able to summon Eidolons for protection and in battle. Rydia can also briefly use several White Magic spells early in the game, and throughout the game she can use Black Magic. In Final Fantasy IV, the ability to summon is an inherited trait and as such can only be used by members of Rydia's tribe. Tellah is a Sage who can use White and Black magic, Rosa and Porom are White Mages, and Palom is a Black Mage. You can learn more about Rydia at the fansites Summoner in Green and Nymph.

Final Fantasy VI - Magic plays a very important story role in FFVI, particularly as it relates to Espers and Magitek Knights. Magic is normally an ability reserved for the Esper race, but research has allowed several humans to artificially use this skill through an augmentation project. Such humans are known as Magitek Knights. The most powerful of these Knights and the earliest known test subject, Kefka was driven insane by the procedure. Celes Chere also received the augmentation, thus allowing her to use magic without equipping Magicite. Terra Branford, half-Esper, also served unwillingly as a Magitek Knight via the usa of a Slave Crown; unlike Celes and Kefka, Terra was born with the ability to use magic due to her mixed heritage. After death, an Esper leaves behind its power in an a physical object called Magicite. Others can equip Magicite to use the Esper's abilities, and to summon the Esper in battle. You can learn more about Kefka at Light of Judgment and Terra at Trust Your Heart.

Final Fantasy IX - FFIX saw a return to the job system, with each party character having a specific job. However, unlike the first Final Fantasy, several of the jobs play important story roles. Vivi is a Black Mage, Quina is a Blue Mage, and both Garnet and Eiko are White Mages as well as Summoners. In FFIX, Black Mages are short-lived dolls produced as weapons by Queen Brahne, which deeply impacts Vivi. Despite their dark beginnings, most Black Mages are childlike, innocent, and born philosophers when encouraged to break their mould. The Summoners, like in Final Fantasy IV, come from their own village (originally their own continent) and inherit their powers to communicate with the FFIX summon monsters, called Eidolons. Most Summoners have a horn on their foreheads, but Dagger's was removed when she was a young child by Queen Brahne. The Queen also extracted Dagger's Eidolons for her own use in conquest. Eiko is another member of this tribe, an orphan who lives with her moogle friends in the otherwise deserted Summoner's village of Madain Sari.

Final Fantasy X - FFX continued somewhat with the job class, although in actual battle the characters can invest their skills in other areas aside from their storyline classes. Lulu is a Black Mage and Yuna is a Summoner and White Mage. Almost the entire story of Final Fantasy X is based on the role Summoners play in the world of Spira. In FFX, becoming a Summoner is a choice and a grave one---a path that, when successful, results in the Summoner's death. Summoners begin pilgrimages in the company of protectors known as Guardians. They travel to several key temples around the world, praying within to receive the aid of that temple's Aeon, FFX's version of the summoner monster. After visiting the temples, a Summoner confronts the destructive entity Sin, sacrificing himself in the process. Sin's defeat is temporary but incredibly important; for a brief while following its defeat, the world is left in peace to rebuild and prepare for Sin's next iteration.

The Sorceresses of Final Fantasy VIII

The game provides us this explanation of sorceresses (obtained via the study panel in Squall's home room):

[Sorceresses and Magic]
A woman who has inherited the power of a sorceress. The origins of the sorceress go back to ancient times during Hyne's reign. However, there is no factual evidence.

This statement by itself leaves a lot to be desired (eg: No factual evidence of what---of sorceresses, or of how they pass on their powers, etc.?); however, throughout the story we learn more about the sorceress' role. As a matter of fact, the role of a sorceress becomes central to the plot very early in the game, making this one of the most important concepts in FFVIII. We have a few key players:

Adel - Sorceress Adel rose to power in Esthar roughly twenty years before the beginning of the game. Using her powers to enforce her rule, she set her sight on world domination and started what became known as the Sorceress War when she attacked Galbadia. Eventually, unrest in Esthar led to Adel being tricked into an enclosure which sealed her powers, at which point she was jettisoned into outer space. After subduing Adel, Esthar withdrew from the world and remains hidden and silent.

Ultimecia - Ultimecia is a mysterious sorceress from the far future; little is known about her except that she is determined to compress time into a 'singular time' in which only she can exist. Using Odine's invention of the present called Junction Machine Ellone, Ultimecia has been able to move partially into the realm of her past---or Rinoa's present---and possess sorceress who live then. She manipulates Adel, Edea, and Rinoa in an effort to achieve her goals.

Edea -

And finally, we also have Rinoa, who I'll come back to later.

Before a sorceress can die, she must pass on her powers to another woman. It would appear that the sorceress power can not be passed on to just any person; the recipient must possess certain qualities, although this is never fully discussed in the game.

Multiple sorceresses can exist at the same time, and a single sorceress can inherit the power of multiple sorceress. Edea, for example, inherits her first set of powers at a young age and then eventually inherits Ultimecia's as well.

The common legend in the world of Final Fantasy VIII is that the modern-day sorceress' powers were originally the powers of the being known as Hyne. Hyne can be described as a "god" in the polytheistic tradition---he created humans, but is definitely not an omnipotent, omnipresent being. As a matter of fact, Hyne initially created a small number of humans to be his tools to carve a mountain out of his way. While he slept, the humans worked; and when the work was done, Hyne still slept and so the humans began doing as humans do. When he awoke, Hyne was disturbed by the vast increase in the human population as well as the large number of changes humans had made in the landscape. This sparked off a long war between the humans and Hyne, and Hyne eventually gave part of his power to the humans. This power caused humans to war among themselves for the first time as they fought to win this power. However, once it was acquired by one particular clan it was discovered that Hyne had deceived his creations---he had given them his corrupted, cast-off skin. The sorceress harbors a piece of that corrupted power.

Rinoa as a Sorceress

Rinoa is a candidate for sorceress powers by nature, and late in the game she receives Edea's power (which is the combination of magic from Ultimecia and another sorceress, both sets of skills that Edea herself had previous inherited). Ultimecia possesses Rinoa at several points during the game, most notably to release Adel from confinement. After receiving her sorceress powers, Rinoa also obtains a second limit break called Angel Wing which essentially causes a Berserk status effect, except that it applies to magic rather than physical attacks.