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Mystery Blood Type

Blood types of the main characters are among the statistical information given us by Square, except for Rinoa. Of course this typing system is more for an audience that associates personality with blood type, which is common in east Asian. Based on the personality descriptions of the four blood types (A, B, AB, and O), many fans have made guesses on Rinoa's blood type.

While the other characters of the main cast are given blood types, Rinoa's remains unknown. Of course fans speculate, and probably accurately guess (that is, fans are probably able to select the blood type that Square would have chosen for Rinoa if they'd assigned her a type), about her type based on profiles. However, I think the fact that her type is unknown is the significant feature. Clearly Rinoa's type isn't documented because she isn't an official member of SeeD or another military organization, but more symbolically it speaks of how she is different from her SeeD companions---a theme that affects her in the game. While in Trabia, Rinoa mentions that she feels she's on a different wavelength from everyone else---she acknowledges that she hasn't been trained as they have or prepared. She's admitting that the world of SeeD isn't her world like it is Squall's (and the others'). To separate her even further, the others slowly remember they grew up together while Rinoa is distinctly a newcomer, with something unknown about her and a symbol of the present rather than of the past.

When Squall meets Rinoa, and as he embarks on his journey with her, she remains a mystery to him. To Squall, Rinoa can be unpredictable, unknown, and new. This very important theme---Rinoa introducing a new, unusual [to Squall] viewpoint, is what allows Squall to begin growing as a character. Thus, it can be seen as signaficant that Rinoa---and things about her---are somewhat mysterious.

That said, on her website Eyes on Me, Tec has pointed out that Bandai at least believes Rinoa's blood type is A. To me, A does not seem to be an accurate guess (I'm not sure how Bandai arrived at the conclusion, or perhaps it was merely a typo), but by knowledge of the blood typing system is extremely limited. Type As are said to be withdrawn, perfectionist, calm, serious, and loyal. Rinoa certainly isn't a perfectionist, nor does she withhold her feelings; while often serious and very loyal, she is rarely calm.