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Birth Stone: Aquamarine

Aquamarine It should come as no surprise that Rinoa's birth stone is the aquamarine, her trademark color. The aquamarine has been a popular stone for a long time, with a history starting as early as the third century BC. The aquamarine's long life in the spotlight means it has plenty of mythology attributed to it. In the past it's been called the sailor's stone, said to protect seafarers while at sea. In Roman myth the aquamarine belonged to Neptune, the god of the sea. To the Hindus it was a stone said to sharpen mental abilities and enhance the ability to speak in public. It's even been thought to help digestive and heart health! Water that contained an aquamarine was used to "treat" sicknesses related to the digestive and cardiovascular systems. This stone has also been associated with fortune-telling as well as poison antidotes.

The aquamarine is a mineral, specifically a variety of beryl, which means it's related to several other popular gemstones such as emeralds. First mined in India, today's most popular aquamarine stones come from Brazil, India, Africa, Australia, the USA, Pakistan, and recently China. Beryl is naturally light colored and transluscent. Many aquamarines are heated to improve their color. Some aquamarines are more green than blue and these are usually called "moss aquamarines."

It's interesting to note that aquamarines are frequently combined with garnets, the birth stone of FFIX's leading lady (and her name as well!).

(Information from A1 Birthstone Jewelery, which also provided the thumbnail pictured above, About Birthstones,, and Galleries - March Birth Stone.)


Birth Flower: Daffodil

Daffodil Bright yellow daffodil is the flower that represents March. Daffodil actually comes from the word for narcissistic, in mythology representing the flowers that the Greek gods planted to honor Narcissus, who died by drowning in a pool of water as he tried to catch a glimpse of himself. Kindness is associated with the daffodil as a birth attribute, as are warmth and optimism as well as reverence. This feature of reverence probably has roots in another myth, this time regarding Persephone. As she was about to pluck a daffodil, she was carried away by Hades to the underworld to marry him. The earth died (winter came) until Hades allowed her to return for part of the year (spring began again). As such, Persephone represents the coming of spring, as do the daffodils. This meaning ties in quite nicely with Rinoa, who can be seen as Squall's rebirth as well as a hopeful figure of spring.

(Information from Flower Meaning-Birth Flowers and Suite101. The thumbnail comes from Scenic Nursery---if you live in California, check it out!)

Girl's Day

Girl's Day, or hinamatsuri, is a doll festival that falls on March 3rd. Incorporated into Japanese culture from an ancient Chinese tradition, it's a time of year that families pray for happiness and growth of their daughters. A special doll, frequently passed down through generations of a family, takes up temporary residence for the holiday in a respectful manner. These dolls are called hina-ningyo. In the present, many households now have quite elaborate and symbolic set ups for the hina-ningyo, much like a diorama of a royal family.

March 3rd is also associated peaches, through a holiday imported from the old lunar calander. Peach blossoms are associated with gentility and kindness, and are also symbolic of happy marriage.

(Information provided by Ginkoya and About.)