Triple Triad

In its basic form, Triple Triad isn't a terribly difficult game. It's all a matter of whether the number on the 'active' side of your card is stronger than your opponent's. But with the various rules added in, it becomes much more complicated! (= So, how do we master this game?? Read on...

All RULES are explained alphabetically. TRADE RULES follow after game play rules in this tutorial.

The Basics
You can get a deck of starter's cards from the student on 2F of Balamb Garden. Just speak with him and he'll give you the cards. Your starter deck will consist of all LVL 1 cards, and it will include Geezard, Funguar, Red Bat, Gayla, Gesper, Fastitocalon-F, and Caterchipillar.

How to Spread or Abolish Rules
When you come into a new "region" of card-playing, that region will have its own set of rules. For example, Dollet's rules are different from Fishermans Horizon's rules. And of course there are going to be some rules that you never want to see the light of day, such as the Random rule. So how do you get rid of a rule? Basically, you prevent it from spreading! (Although if it's already an accepted rule, you can still abolish it.) And say there's a rule that you like, such as the Open rule, so you'd like to make sure that rule gets passed along. Luckily, both of these scenarios are possible to ensure.

First, go into a new region. Challenge someone to a game of cards. They'll mention that you know unfamiliar rules and ask if you'd like to play a game. Accept. Once you get to the TT screen, exit rather than play. This is how rules become communicable. This is called 'mixing' in most strategy guides.

Three things can happen when you mix:
1. Absolutely nothing. (The foreign rules you brought in go away and the native rules get cemented.)
2. A rule spreads throughout the region.
3. A rule is abolished throughout the region.

Once a rule is SPREAD of ABOLISHED, the current set of rules is set. That's it. No more abolishing or spreading unless you go to another region first. So it's wise to reset the game at this point and try again. (: If nothing happens when you 'mix,' then just keep challenging the person to a game of cards until you spread or abolish.

You will get a message if a rule has spread. You will get a message if it's abolished. If your opponent stops mentioning that you have unfamiliar rules, your foreign rules have gone away and you'll play with the native rules.

The above works for foreign rules and local rules. (If you want to abolish a rule you've come in with, or one that is native to the region, this method works.)

If you've tried several times and you keep getting the same rule spread/abolished rather than the rule you want to be spread/abolished, try going into another region first and changing up the rules there. The more rules you have, of course the more difficult it is to single out the rule you want to change. So be careful!

Elemental: Your card is helped or hurt by elements. The board will be given elemental properties in some locations. Playing a card that matches that element will give all numbers on that card +1. Playing an unmatching card will give -1 to each number.
Open: Your opponent can see your hand.
Random: The cards in your hand and your opponent's hand are randomly selected.
Sudden Death: In the case of a draw, the cards will be shuffled and re-dealt. This continues until someone wins the game.

Trade Rules
All: Winner takes every card from the loser.
Diff: Winner takes the difference between the score. For example, if you win with six while your opponent has four, you get to choose two cards.
One: Winner takes only one card from loser.


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