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Side Quests - Shumi Village

Complete an errand for Sculptor and receive several rewards, while learning more about Laguna.

Disc 2 - Trabia. When Balamb Garden is moveable, you can go to the northernmost continent (Trabia) and land on the beach. Shumi Village is the metal "spider" looking construction.

Needed Items


→ Status Guard [GF item]
→ Phoenix Pinion [recovery/status item]


→ When you first enter the village proper, take note of the Moomba 'guarding' the door (this is the Elder's house). If you speak to him, he'll squeak. Keep speaking to him ... make sure your volume is turned up for this...;)

→ Near the frog is the Artisan's house. Pop inside and chat with him about artisans, and he'll show you some examples of his work. These are reminiscent of a Moomba doll you saw somewhere else, huh?

→ Move to the building furthest to the left, and go to the back of the building. You'll be asked to visit the Elder. Agree.

→ The Elder's house is the one previously guarded by a Moomba. Enter and speak with the Elder. As you're leaving, he'll request that you help with the statue's construction.

→ Head back over to the Sculptor's workshop and agree to help find the stones. He'll first ask for blue stones.

→ The Blue Stone is right behind Laguna's statue. :P That wasn't so bad, was it? Examine it and the Sculptor will respond right away and then tell you to seek out wind stones.

→ The Wind Stone is near the hotel (near the lift into the village). There is a slate-colored rock here and this is the Wind Stone. Examine it and Squall will note a breeze coming from it. Take the stone back to the Sculptor and he will then ask for life stones.

→ The Life Stone is just outside of the Elder's house. It's the huge rock that takes up an entire screen for itself, with tree roots growing over it. Examine it and Squall will climb up the roots to retrieve it. Take this back to the Sculptor and he'll ask for shadow stones.

→ To get the Shadow Stone, board the lift and move to the front of the village. There are plenty of shadows up here! Move to the right side of the screen and in the little shadow blob examine the rock. Take the Shadow Stone back to the Sculptor and he'll ask for water stones.

→ The Water Stone is in the Artisan's home next door to Sculptor's workshop. It's sitting on the countertop in the kitchen next to the sink. Examine it and Artisan will let you take it with you. Return to the Sculptor with this final stone! He'll inform you that your job is done and that you ought to speak to the Elder again.

→ Return to the Elder's house to claim your reward: the Phoenix Pinion. Phoenix is a "GF" similar to Odin. Once you use the Pinion in battle, he'll randomly appear to revive characters.

→ Exit the village and then come back in. Go back to the Sculptor's workshop and speak with Sculptor and Attendant.

→ Return to the Elder's house and speak with the Elder, who asks you to request the Moomba's help. Leave the Elder's house and do so.

→ Go to the workshop and allow the Moomba to reason with Attendant. Speak with Attendant and Sculptor.

→ Make your way back to the Elder's house and listen to him.

→ Once more make your way to the workshop. Speak twice to Attendant.

→ Go next door and visit Artisan. Artisan doesn't wish to go work on the statue. Go talk to everybody involved.

→ Leave Shumi Village and go to Fishermans Horizon. Once there, go speak with Grease Monkey (his house is the one near the train station where you fought Iron Clad). He'll give you the Moomba doll.

→ Return to Shumi Village. Take the Moomba doll to Artisan's house. When you leave, the Master Fisherman will be there if you completed his quest earlier. Speak with him.

→ Go to the Elder one last time to get your reward, a Status Guard. Status Guard will teach a GF the ST-Defx4 ability. Pretty useful, huh?

Concluding Notes
This quest can get quite tedious with all the running around that you have to do, but in the end you get two rewards as well as more information on Moomba and Shumi, and a few tidbits about Laguna.

If you missed the Master Fisherman's side quest earlier in the game, it's alright. He just makes a brief appearance to say that he's decided he wants to fish in the pond for awhile, and to explain that he helped build some of the technological bits and pieces around the village and is thus an "honorary Shumi."

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