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Side Quests - Queen of Cards

Because there are already a lot of in-depth FAQs out there for achieving this quest, I'm doing this mainly in list format so that you can easily see which card you need next and where to get it. I don't offer strategies for winning any card; I'll only mention if a certain card requires other events to win it. Also remember that with rare cards, it's likely that your opponent may wait many...many... hands before actually using the card you want.

Win rare cards.

Disc 1 - Balamb Garden, basically any time you wish, but this can't be completed until disc 3. I usually start this mini-game in disc 2 when I have more cards.

Needed Items
→ Minimog Card [card]
→ Sacred Card [card]
→ Chicobo Card [card]
→ Alexander Card [card]


→ Kiros Card [card]
→ Irvine Card [card]
→ Chubby Chocobo Card [card]
→ Doomtrain Card [card]
→ Phoenix Card [card]

→ This quest can be quite long and very obnoxious to complete. Save frequently - any time you get a desired outcome, save your game! This side quest involves losing specific rare cards to the Queen of Cards. Once you've let her have a card she wants, she passes it on to her artist father who uses the cards for inspiration to create a new card. The new cards will be in the hands of various NPCs throughout the game whom you must challenge, not with the Queen herself. All of the cards you lose to the Queen can be re-won from her son, who lives in the house in Dollet (he's the boy who always puts a white bone on his grandfather's paintings).

→ Try not to "mix" rules wherever possible. When you go to a new location and challenge any NPC to cards, he will mention you're using unfamiliar rules and then ask to play a game using the new rules and the local rules. Say no. Keep saying no. Eventually, the NPC will stop mentioning the rules - he'll just ask if you want to play cards. This is how you prevent spreading unwanted rules to new regions.

→ Let's get started. In Balamb Garden, there's a kid running around in a blue shirt. Challenge him and win the [Minimog Card].

→ Go to Balamb. The Queen of Cards is dressed in red and white; she's by the train station. Intentionally lose the [Minimog Card] to her (don't worry, you'll be able to get it back). Talk to her and she'll tell you where she's going next. It should be Dollet; she may say Galbadia. This quest is apparently much harder if she goes to Galbadia, and I have personally never tried it. If she says Galbadia, it's best to just reset your game and try again.

→ To get back your [Minimog Card], challenge her son in Dollet.

→ The Queen's father used inspiration from the [Minimog Card] to create the [Kiros Card]. The [Kiros Card] can be won in Deling City. Head for the shopping center. Across the street from the junk shop, challenge the man dressed in black clothing. He will have the [Kiros Card].

→ Next, you'll need to have the [Sacred Card]. Sacred is one half of the Brothers GF, which you can acquire outside of Deling City in the Tomb of the Unknown King. To get the [Sacred Card], you will need to defeat the Brothers. This is a separate side quest in itself, which I've written about here.

→ Head to Dollet. The Queen will be on the second floor of the pub. Lose the [Sacred Card] to her. Make sure she is moving to Balamb next. If she gives another location, reset the game and try again.

→ You can win back your [Sacred Card] from the Queen's son in Dollet.

→ With inspiration from the [Sacred Card], the Queen's father will create the [Irvine Card]. You'll need to head to Fishermans Horizon to win this card. Challenge Flo, Mayor Dobe's wife, to cards. (Just as an aside, if you haven't already won it then you can win the [Quetzacotl Card] from Dobe - this isn't required for the QoC quest, it's just another card for your collection.)

→ You'll need to acquire the [Chicobo Card] next if you haven't already. This card can be acquired through the Chocobo Forest side quest.

→ Move on to Balamb, where the Queen will be in her spot by the train station. Lose your [Chicobo Card] to her. Make sure she moves on to Dollet.

→ Win back your [Chicobo Card] from the Queen's son in Dollet.

→ The Queen's father will create the [Chubby Chocobo Card] with inspiration from the [Chicobo Card]. To win this new card, challenge the SeeD sitting on the bench outside of the library in Balamb Garden.

→ Next up is to win the [Alexander Card].

Concluding Notes

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