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Side Quests - Pupu

Win the rare Pupu card.

Disc 2 - Galbadia--Winhill Bluffs for starters. However, you can not complete this quest until you have Ragnarok on disc 3, so keep that in mind about when you want to start. I usually wait.

Needed Items
→ Elixir (x5)--you can purchase Elixirs at Johnny's Shop in Esthar (which becomes Esthar Shop!!! in Tonberry's Call Shop ability)
→ Ragnarok
→ Item command equipped to at least one character

→ Spaceships (sort of)
→ Pupu (sort of); make sure you have the Item command equipped!

→ Pupu's Card [card]
Or an Accelarator
→ Aegis Amulet

→ First off, this quest includes running around on the World Map. If you're not interested in random battles, equip Enc-None (Diablos) because Pupu's spaceships will still appear whether it's equipped or not. This quest involves encountering UFOs in four locations, fighting a UFO, and then confronting Pupu. The four encounters can be done in any order.

→ Head to Winhill Bluffs, just outside of the town of Winhill. Wander around until you encounter a spaceship abducting a cow.

→ Next up head to Mandy Beach, the piece of coast just south of Timber. Wander around until you encounter a spaceship abducting a Moai head statue.

→ Third is Kashkabald Desert, which is a big sandy patch of desert right across from Cactuar Island. Wander around until you encounter a spaceship abducting a pyramid.

→ Finally head to the Heath Peninsula near Trabia Garden. This encounter takes place on the island right next to the peninsula, not on the main land mass itself. Be careful about your choice of island --- the spaceship is found on the little grayish brownish island, not on the more verdant isles nearby. Wander around until you encounter a spaceship abducting a crop circle symbol.

→ With these four encounters complete, head to the raised area near the Chocobo Sanctuary in Grandidi Forest. Wander around until you encounter a space ship. This is like a normal battle --- just beat up the spaceship until it falls apart. You will receive an Aegis Amulet for winning.

→ For the last part, make sure you have the Item command equipped unless you plan on killing Pupu. To finish this quest, head over to Balamb and wander around the perimeter of the crater where Balamb Garden used to be until you encounter Pupu. You have two options here. First, you can do as Pupu asks and hand over Elixirs to him (for a total of five Elixirs). This will win you the Pupu Triple Triad card, a very rare card that cannot be won from the CC members later on. This is your only opportunity to win this card. If you decide to fight Pupu, you will win an Accelarator for your trouble.

>> Side Quests