Side Quests - Chocobo Forests

Solve six Chocobo Forest puzzles for items and to catch Chocobos for riding, then enter a final forest for a reward.

Disc 2, with beginner's forest being in Trabia - Winter Island. (Near the Shumi Village.) Chocobo Forests are always round forests.

Needed Items


→ Aura Stone [battle item]
→ Shell Stone [battle item]
→ Holy Stone (x2) [battle item]
→ Flare Stone (x2) [battle item]
→ Ultima Stone (x2) [battle item]
→ Meteor Stone (x3) [battle item]
→ Protect Stone [battle item]
→ Chicobo's card [card]


→ First off, I'll explain the rules. In the first forest (detailed in the second step below) you'll buy a whistle. Excuse me, you'll 'buy a lecture' and be given a whistle for free. (: You'll be able to do two things with the whistle: locate a Chicobo by 'sonar' and then shake the Chicobo out of the tree. The goal is to get only one Chicobo to fall. If you catch multiple Chicobos, you can use the Ziner on top of them and they'll move back into the trees. When you have only one Chicobo, talk to it and a mother Chocobo will appear. Once the mother has appeared, you can use the whistle to find items round the forest. Use it the same way you used it to find Chicobos.

→ Beginner's Forest is located next to Shumi Village on the Trabia continent. Step inside and buy a whistle. I forgot to take pictures for Beginner's Forest, but it's rather easy. The single Chicobo is in the left corner of the forest (whereas there are three of them on the right side of the screen). There is an Aura Stone in the upper right corner.

→ Another Chocobo Forest is in Trabia--Bika Snowfield. Start by using the Ziner on the Chicobo close to Chocoboy. The two Chicobos on the screen will go back into the trees. Then use the Ziner in between where they'd been. Three of them will fall. Here's the tricky part. You need to use the Ziner towards the entrance of the forest. The location is just next to the snowy log. I've included a screencap below. (: A fourth Chicobo will fall. Go back and use the Ziner on the Chicobo next to Chocoboy again. Three of the four Chicobos will go back into the trees, leaving just the one! Talk to it and mother Bo will appear in the middle of the forest. The item location is in the upper left of the screen. You'll receive a Shell Stone and a Holy Stone.

→ Yet another Choco Forest is in Trabia. This time in Trabia--Sorbal Snowfield. First, use the Ziner pretty much in the middle of the forest and three Chicobos will fall. Use the Ziner on the Chicobo in the bottom left corner and two Chicobos will go back into the trees, just leaving one for you to talk to for the mother to appear. There is a Flare Stone over toward the left of the screen. This takes care of the Trabia Chocobo Forests! But you'll be back later...

→ Head over to the Centra Continent. The fourth forest is in Centra--Lenown Plains. First use the Ziner in the middle of the screen, leaning towards the right side. Three Chicobos will fall. Use the Ziner near the Chicobo that's to the left and top and a fourth Chicobo will fall. Then use the Ziner on the slope, on the left side of Chocoboy. A Chicobo will fall. Use the Ziner in the same place and the Chicobo will go bowling through his friends across the clearing. (: Then you can talk to him and mother will appear. The item is in the right corner. You'll get a Flare Stone, an Ultima Stone, and a Meteor Stone.

→ The next forest is in Esthar--Talle Mountains. This is a rather difficult puzzle! First use the Ziner in the upper left corner. Two Chicobos will fall. Then move a bit down and use the Ziner just above Chocoboy. One Chicobo will fall while another goes into the trees. Then move directly to the right next to the big rock and use the Ziner again. One Chicobo will fall. Use the Ziner in the upper right corner. Yet another Chicobo will fall. Finally, use the Ziner in the very middle of the forest. Slowly all of the Chicobos on screen will go away and a different one will fall! So that you may talk to it and have the mother appear. The item is in the upper right screen. You'll receive an Ultima Stone, a Meteor Stone, and a Holy Stone.

→ The final puzzle forest is in Centra--Nectar Peninsula. This may be rather difficult to get to at first; you'll have to park Balamb Garden and go through a little path around the mountains that block it off. Once inside, I must warn you that this Chicobo is extremely picky, but thankfully there's just the one. Unfortunately, when I say picky I mean very picky. I had my whistle stolen three times in the attempt to create this tutorial! Ahem. Moving on to the item... well, it's even worse. Chocoboy attempts to sabotage you! Challenge him to a game of cards, but choose to move him rather than play cards. The item is where he had been standing. You'll receive a Protect Stone and a Meteor Stone.

→ Finally it's time to head to the very last forest, where thankfully you won't have to solve puzzles! (: First, go back to what I've called the 'second' Chocobo Forest here (in Trabia--Bika Snowfield). Hop on the Chocobo you caught earlier. You're going to have to walk off the beach and through the ocean where there's shallow water (lighter blue) and into a very foresty area. Up in the northern tip there's the Chocobo Forest. Your reward? A Chocobo dance... and a Chicobo's card. If you talk to the Chicobo a second time, he'll give you Gyshal Greens but he'll also steal Gil from you. Exit the forest and enter again to ride a Chocobo back to Balamb Garden.

Concluding Notes
Whole lot of work for not very much reward, huh?


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