Side Quests - Centra Ruins

Some players prefer NOT to get Odin until disc four, since defeating him sooner means that he will be replaced by Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh randomly appears during a battle rather than at the beginning of one. However, you can still get Tonberry King without getting Odin... it's just more obnoxious.

Solve a puzzle in a limited amount of time to receive the Odin GF. Then defeat 20 Tonberries to lure out the Tonberry King GF.

Disc 2 - Centra Ruins. The Centra Ruins are located on the claw-shaped continent to the south. It's west from the Cactuar Island. Some people prefer to wait until disc 4, but you are able to do this quest as soon as the Garden is moveable.

Needed Items
→ (Suggested) Enc-None ability, learned from Diablos

→ Odin [video tutorial]
→ Tonberry (x~20)
→ Tonberry King [video tutorial]

→ Odin [GF]
→ Odin's Card [card]
→ Tonberry King [GF]

Steps (Odin)

→ I'd suggest equipping the Enc-None ability (Diablos) before going in, because this is a TIMED puzzle and random battles---even escaping from them---are a waste of time.

→ Enter the Centra Ruins. Go past the sign that says my blue heaven and continue round the left side of the fountain (on the opposite side of the draw point) to the staircase. Take the right branch.

→ Continue up into the shrine/church building and stand on the altar, which is a lift that'll take you up. When you land, take the ladder on the left side of the building. Once you climb up, enter the room and examine the machinery.

→ Climb back down and examine the glowing blue panel between the ladders. A staircase will appear on the right side of the screen. Take it up, and go past the machine room. On the next screen you'll be on a balcony. To the right is another stair, to the left a ladder. Take the ladder up.

→ Remove the eye from the gargoyle. Take the stairs to the right and climb to the top of the building.

→ Insert the eye into the second gargoyle, and leave its other eye alone. You'll be given a code of five numbers. Remember (or write down) these numbers!

→ Take both eyes out and climb back down to the first gargoyle. Insert both eyes and enter the code you retrieved from the second gargoyle. Make sure you put the numbers in order; the last digit goes in the bottom row.

→ The door will open and you can fight Odin with whatever time you have remaining. Odin isn't terribly difficult. I'd suggest casting Haste on your strongest character, summoning a GF only once or twice, and if you're a heavy Magic-user then use Double [or Triple] to speed things along. Otherwise, just pound on him with physical attacks. He will not attack you until time runs out (at which point he will instantly kill you), so don't bother with defensive Magic. You can Mug a Luck-J Scroll from him if you wish. If you need it, I have posted a video tutorial of just the boss fight.

Steps (Tonberry King)

→ Before starting, it's good to know that Centra Ruins can be left in order for you to save on the World Map. After returning, you may resume where you left off.

→ Defeat ~20 Tonberries in the front of the building, around the fountain for instance. Diablos is reasonably effective against them. Tonberries are awful enemies because they take forever to kill, have an annoying attack, give no EXP, and are only worth one AP. Furthermore, Quistis's Limit Break Degenerator doesn't work on them!

→ After defeating ~20 of these guys, Tonberry King will randomly appear at the end of a normal encounter. Unlike Tonberries, he is immune to Diablos. In my video tutorial, I was still early in the game so I just approached Tonberry King with GFs and Rinoa's Limit Breaks. Magic is alright against him. Really, when it comes to Tonberry King just keep yourself healed as he has some pretty powerful physical attacks, and just keep pounding away. If you are playing him later than I am here, Holy and Ultima Magic are useful.

Concluding Notes
This is an important quest that I'd suggest doing first thing after you get control over Balamb Garden. Odin isn't terribly useful, but Tonberry King has a lot of really neat abilities that you'll want.


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