Biography & Profile - An introduction to Rinoa
Look-Alikes - Others who look or act like Rinoa
Style - Cosplay and fashion inspirations
Quotes - Bits of Rinoa's dialogue
Mystery Blood - The significance of Rinoa's blood
Birthday - Girl's Day & birthday stuff
Sorceresses - Magic use in FF & Rinoa's role


Personality Bits - Examinations
Reflections - Rinoa in Rinoa's opinion
Is Rinoa Ultimecia? - The famous theory
Wings - Rinoa's recurring motif
Present - Rinoa as a symbol of the present
Politics - Rinoa's political beliefs
MBTI - Rinoa's possible "personality type" (ENFJ)


Family - Rinoa's parents
Angelo - Rinoa's best friend and battle partner
Missed Dream - Seifer's dream becomes Squall's
Love Debate - Seifer versus Squall?
Relationships - How Rinoa acts with others
Take on Life - Childhood
The Forest Owls - The Forest Owls rebel group

Rinoa in Battle

Rinoa's Battle Stats - Technical performance
Abilities - Powers learned from GFs
GFs - Mythology, uses, and stats
Magic - All of the magic that can be drawn
Rinoa's Weapons - Upgrading
Rinoa's Limit Breaks - Skills, Pet Pals locations, etc.
Scan Rinoa - An in-game profile of Rinoa


Game Basics - How to play, some helpful hints, etc.
Glossary - Some RPG terms as well as FF8 terms
SeeD Test Answers & Ranks - For cheaters!
Boss Strategies - With video tutorials
Side Quests - With video tutorials
Master Runs - The types of Master Runs for FF8
Timber Maniacs - Where to get TimMani mags
Triple Triad - A tutorial
Rare Cards - Win the rare TT cards

The World

Other Characters - Profiles of other characters
Location - Origins of location names, culture, etc.
Destiny - The importance of destiny and free will
Searching - The theme of seeking out fulfillment
Faye Wong - The voice behind "Eyes On Me"


Lyrics - Lyrics and translations of FF8 songs
Merchandise - A shopping guide
Desktop - Wallpapers, icons, cursors, etc.
Avatars & Icons - For use on forums, LJ, etc.
Cell Phone Wallpapers - Backgrounds for cells
Ringtones - FF8 music for your mobile phone
Trivia - Did you know this about FF8?

Fan Material

Fandom - Fanart, cosplay, and fanfictions
Fan Lyrics - Rewriting lyrics to pop songs for Rinoa
Alternate Theme Songs - Songs reminiscent of Rinoa
Sprites - Animated GIFs and sprites of Rinoa
Puzzles - Cross words/word finds, etc.
Triple Triad - Interactive Triple Triad!
Doctored Pictures - Humor, fan "confessions", etc.
Parodies - Advertising featuring the FF8 crew
Meme - Which "Rinoa" are you?
YKYLRTMW... - Too much love?


Change Log - An archive of updates
Networking - Links and linking in
Affiliates & Sister Clubs - Closer connections
History - Background, experience, and why
Layout Archive - Past layouts used on this site
Credits - Those who make this site possible
FAQ & Contact - Get in touch with me


Life Magic

Cure - Heals one target
Cura - Heals one target (level two)
Curaga - Heals one target (level three)
Death - Causes immediate death to one target
Holy - Causes holy damage to one target
Life - Brings a KOed target back to life
Full-Life - Brings a KOed target back to life with full HP
Regen - Regenerates HP over time
Zombie - Causes undead status on one target

Elemental Magic

Aero - Causes Wind damage on one target
Blizzard - Causes Ice damage on one target
Blizzara - Causes Ice damage on one target (level two)
Blizzaga - Causes Ice damage on one target (level three)
Water - Causes Water damage on one target
Fire - Causes Fire damage on one target
Fira - Causes Fire damage on one target (level two)
Firaga - Causes Fire damage on one target (level three)
Flare - Causes damage on one target
Quake - Causes Earth damage on one target

Time/Space Magic

Haste - Speeds one target up
Slow - Slows one target down
Stop - Stops one target
Demi - Reduces target's HP by 1/4
Double - Allows target to cast two Magic in the same turn
Triple - Allows target to cast three Magic in the same turn

Support Magic

Esuna - Heals bad status effects of one target
Dispel - Dispels positive status effects of one target
Protect - Reduces physical damage by half
Shell - Reduces magical damage by 1/4
Reflect - Magic is reflected off of target and back on caster
Drain - HP is transferred from one target to caster
Aura - Limit Break can be used

Forbidden Magic

Meteor - Random non-elemental damage to all enemies
Ultima - Causes non-elemental damage to all enemies

Status Magic

Bio - Causes poison damage and poisons one target
Break - Causes non-elemental magic and petrifies one target
Blind - Causes one target to become inaccurate
Silence - One target cannot use magic
Berserk - One target can only use physical attacks
Sleep - Causes character to become inactive during battle
Confuse - Causes one target to use random commands
Pain - Causes Poison, Silence, and Blind status on one target
Meltdown - Vit 0 and non-elemental damage


Float - Causes target to float (avoids Earth damage)
Scan - Analyzes target's vital statistics

Click here for junction statistics.

Tips and Tricks

(If you want a full description of the Draw system, please look at my game basics page.)

*If you're having trouble finding rarer Magic (like Aura), check out the Islands Closest to Heaven and Hell. There is a ton of hidden magic here---unfortunately, Siren's Move-Find ability doesn't work for this, but just walk around clicking X. You're sure to find lots. Also, don't forget that you can refine Magic with GF abilities.