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Limit Breaks

Rinoa's Limit Break is called Combine. For most of the game, the Combine command will have one option: Angelo. The Angelo command will summon Rinoa's dog to perform an action she's previously been taught. (See table below.) In Disc 3 - Ragnarok, Rinoa acquires a second Combine ability called Angel Wing.

Angelo, Rinoa's dog and companion, can learn several attacks that can be used during battle. You can teach Angelo new tricks by buying the issues of a magazine called Pet Pals. After reading a volume of the magazine, go to Rinoa's statistics screen and flip through all of the menus until you get to the Limit Break screen. Here, you can set which ability you want Angelo to learn. Angelo's abilities are used at random and cannot be selected in battle. Some players choose to teach Angelo only some of the total tricks she can learn in order to avoid using lower-damage attacks.

Angel Wing is comparable to the Berserk status/spell, except that Rinoa is Berserked to use magic instead of physical attacks. While in Angel Wing mode, Rinoa will randomly use magic, but with increased power.

If you miss a Pet Pals magazine, you can purchase it later in the game in Esthar. So no magazine is entirely missable.

Attack Magazine Effect Magazine Description / Location
Angelo Rush N/A (starting ability) Damages one enemy; random counterattack N/A
Angelo Recover Pet Pals Vol. 2 Restores HP to one party member whose health is low; random Have you ever wished your pet could rescue you in battle? The this is just the trick for you dog to learn! Your dog finds and uses potions and other cures on a member who's near KO with this trick. It is called Angelo Recover! A very nice trick, indeed.
LOC: On Rinoa's bed inside the train during the Timber train mission; can only be taken after strategy meeting
Angelo Reverse Pet Pals Vol. 4 Revive one party member whose status is KO; random Have you ever been KO'd by a monster? Even reviving doesn't help, because you get KO'd right back. To answer you desperate call for help, use Angelo Reverse! Your dog finds Phoenix Downs to revive KO'd party members in battle.
LOC: Buy in Timber Pet Shop
Angelo Search Pet Pals Vol. 5 Find items on battlefield for your inventory; random Item hunting! Sounds like a daunting task? But it's true that you need items to do anything. So let's have your dog learn another trick. It's...Angelo Search! Your dog finds item while you are fighting. Be sure to praise your dog when s/he finds an item!
LOC: Buy in Esthar Shop
Angelo Cannon N/A (starting ability) Damages all enemies N/A
Angelo Strike Pet Pals Vol. 1 Damages one enemy Welcome to Pet Pals. We bring the latest pet news to dog lovers. Your dog learns a trick to damage enemies in this issue. Your dog comes to your rescue when you are in grave danger. It's called Angelo Strike! As you dog lovers already know, walk with you dog to try to help him with this trick.
LOC: In train going to Timber (Zell will find it automatically in the car)
Invincible Moon Pet Pals Vol. 3 Makes all party members invincible by using the moon's power Research shows a relationship between the moon and your dog. Do you know how your dog can use the power of the moon to help you? It's... Invincible Moon! The moon's mysterious power can make all allies invincible. Do a lot of walking with your dog to help him learn this trick!
LOC: Buy in Timber Pet Shop
Wishing Star Pet Pals Vol. 6 Deals powerful damage to all enemies Have you ever wanted to achieve a goal together with your pet? Make it come true, using Wishing Star! Attack enemies together! The power of love multiplies your power 10 to 20 times to defeat your enemies. Try it, you'll like it!
LOC: Buy in Esthar Shop