Name: Shiva

Element: Ice

Attack: Diamond Dust

How to Acquire: Before leaving homeroom to enter the Fire Cavern, visit Squall's desktop console. Alternatively, you can acquire Shiva by speaking to Quistis at the front gate before departing to the Fire Cavern. Shiva is not a missable GF.

ShivaName Meaning: Shiva is one of the most well-known deities in Hindu worship. One of the three members of the trinity known as Trimurthi (along with Vashnu and Brahma), Shiva is popularly known as the god of destruction, but it's also important to note that this destruction is the precursor to rebirth and reincarnation and is seen as a positive and natural aspect of life.

Shiva actually arrived late into the pantheon, becoming/overlying the older god Rudra due to his popularity. Shiva plays important roles in both the Mahabharata and Ramayana, two very famous epics of Hindu literature, where he grants favorites to his worshipers. His worshipers include well-known heros, but he's also popularly worshiped by demons. Shiva appears in different modes or forms. Please check the sources below to learn more about Shiva.

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Level HP Attack Power
1 298 263
10 734 564
20 1226 897
30 1726 1230
40 2234 1564
50 2750 1897
60 3274 2230
70 3806 2563
80 4346 2897
90 4894 3230
100 5450 3563


Ability AP Needed Leads To
Str-J 50 Elem-Atk-J
Vit-J 50 Vit+20%
Spr-J Learned N/A
Elem-Atk-J 160 N/A
Elem-Def-J 100 Elem-Defx2
Elem-Defx2 130 N/A
Magic Learned N/A
GF Learned N/A
Draw Learned N/A
Item Learned N/A
Doom 60 N/A
Vit+20% 60 Vit+40%
Vit+40% 120 N/A
Spr+20% 60 Spr+40%, Elem-Def-J
Spr+40% 120 N/A
SumMag+10% 40 SumMag+20%
SumMag+20% 40 SumMag+30%
SumMag+30% 140 N/A
GFHP+10% 40 GFHP+20%
GFHP+20% 70 N/A
Boost 10 N/A
I Mag-RF 30 N/A


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