Name: Quezacotl

Element: Thunder

Attack: Thunder Storm

How to Acquire: Before leaving homeroom to enter the Fire Cavern, visit Squall's desktop console. Alternatively, you can acquire Quetacotl by speaking to Quistis at the front gate before departing to the Fire Cavern. Quezacotl is not a missable GF.

QuetzalName Meaning: In Mesoamerican culture (especially in Aztec and Toltec cultures), Quetzalcóatl is a deity associated with creation, knowledge and learning, sacrifice, death, and rebirth (varying with culture). Its name is usually said to mean feathered serpent (or plumed serpent or feathered snake), but the first part of the name comes from the specific bird quetzal, pictured to the left in a photograph by Steve Winters from National Geographic. Quetzalcóatl is also commonly a symbol for the Evening Star (the planet Venus). In part of the mythology, Quetzalcóatl is said to have burned himself on a pyre near the Atlantic ocean and ascend into the sky as the Evening Star. The deity required sacrifices comprised of serpents, birds, and butterflies rather than humans. As a matter of fact, Quetzalcóatl had a hand in the creation of the humans of the current era. He is said to have gathered human bones from the underworld and, using his own blood, give new life to our race.

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Level HP Attack Power
1 300 275
10 754 572
20 1266 902
30 1786 1232
40 2314 1562
50 2850 1892
60 3394 2222
70 3949 2552
80 4506 2882
90 5074 3212
100 5650 3542


Ability AP Needed Leads To
Hp-J 50 N/A
Vit-J 50 Elem-Def-J
Mag-J Learned N/A
Elem-Atk-J 160 N/A
Elem-Def-J 100 Elem-Defx2
Elem-Defx2 130 N/A
Magic Learned N/A
GF Learned N/A
Draw Learned N/A
Item Learned N/A
Card 40 Card Mod
Mag+20% 60 Mag+40%, Elem-Atk-J
Mag+40% 120 N/A
SumMag+10% 40 SumMag+20%
SumMag+20% 70 SumMag+30%
SumMag+30% 140 N/A
GFHP+10% 40 GFHP+20%
GFHP+20% 70 N/A
Boost 10 N/A
T Mag-RF 30 Mid Mag-RF
Mid Mag-RF 60 N/A
Card Mod 80 N/A


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