Name: Cerberus

Element: None

Attack: Counter Rockets

How to Acquire: While in Galbadia to fight Edea, Cerberus stands in the courtyard. Simply walk to him and initiate a battle. After defeating him, he becomes a GF. If missed, he can be acquired at Ultimecia's castle (drawn from Gargantua). Cerberus is missable.

Name Meaning:


Level HP Attack Power
1 N/A N/A
10 N/A N/A
23 1490 N/A
30 1876 N/A
40 2434 N/A
50 3000 N/A
60 3574 N/A
70 4156 N/A
80 4746 N/A
90 5344 N/A
100 5950 N/A


Ability AP Needed Leads To
Str-J Learned N/A
Mag-J 50 ST-Atk-J
Spr-J 50 ST-Def-J
Spd-J 120 Spd+20%
Hit-J Learned N/A
ST-Atk-J 160 N/A
ST-Def-J 100 ST-Def-Jx2
ST-Def-Jx2 130 ST-Def-Jx4
ST-Def-Jx4 180 N/A
Abilityx3 Learned N/A
Magic Learned N/A
GF Learned N/A
Draw Learned N/A
Item Learned N/A
Spd+20% 150 Spd+40%
Spd+40% 200 Auto-Haste
Auto-Haste 250 N/A
Expendx2-1 250 N/A
Alert 200 N/A
GFHP+10% 40 GFHP+20%
GFHP+20% 70 GFHP+30%
GFHP+30% 140 N/A


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