Junction Abilities
Ability Effect Item
HP-J Magic to character's HP HP-J Scroll
Str-J Magic to character's Strength Str-J
Vit-J Magic to character's Vitality Vit-J Scroll
Mag-J Magic to character's Magic Mag-J Scroll
Spr-J Magic to character's Spirit Spr-J Scroll
Spd-J Magic to character's Speed Spd-J Scroll
Eva-J Magic to character's Evasion Aegis Amulet
Hit-J Magic to character's Hit % N/A
Luck-J Magic to character's Luck Luck-J Scroll
Elem-Atk-J Elem magic to character's Elemental Attack Elem Atk
Elem-Def-J Elem magic to character's Elemental Defense N/A
Elem-Defx2 Two elem magic to character's Elem. Def. N/A
Elem-Defx4 Four elem magic to character's Elem. Def. Elem Guard
ST-Atk-J Stat magic to character's Status Attack Status Atk
ST-Def-J Stat magic to character's Status Defense N/A
ST-Defx2 Two stat magic to character's Status Defense N/A
ST-Defx4 Four stat magic to character's Status Defense Status Guard
Abilityx3 Allows for three character abilities to be junctioned N/A
Abilityx4 Allows for four character abilities to be junctioned Rosetta Stone


Command Abilities
Ability Effect Item
Magic Enables use of Magic Magic Scroll
GF Enables use of GF GF Scroll
Draw Enables use of Draw to extract magic/GFs from enemy Draw Scroll
Item Enables use of Item Item Scroll
Card Transforms enemy into a card Gambler Spirit
Doom Casts Death on enemy N/A
Mad Rush Casts Berserk, Protect, and Haste on all allies N/A
Treatment Cures Poison, Petrify, Darkness, Silence, Zombie, Sleep, Berserk, Slow, Stop, Curse, Slow Petrify, Confuse, and Vit 0 Med Kit
Defend Reduces damage from physical attacks to zero and cuts magic damage in half N/A
Darkside Triples damage inflicted by Attack, but, with each use, the character loses 1/10 of their maximum HP N/A
Recover Restores all HP to one party member Healing Ring
Absorb Drains HP from a target and causes damage to Undead N/A
Revive Restores one party member from KO Phoenix Spirit
LV Down Cuts target's level in half N/A
LV Up Doubles target's level N/A
Kamikaze Inflicts major damage, but character leaves battle Bomb Spirit
Devour Allows consumption of enemies Hungry Cookpot
MiniMog Restores HP to all GFs, costs characters' average level x 100 Gil to use Mog's Amulet


Character Abilities
Ability Effect Item
HP+20/40/80% Increase HP by percent
Str+20/40/60% Increase Strength by percent
Vit+20/40/60% Increase Increase Vitality by percent
Mag+20/40/60% Increase Magic by percent
Spr+20/40/60% Increase Spirit by percent
Spd+20/40% Increase Speed by percent
Eva+30% Increase Evade by 30%
Luck+50% Increase Luck by 50%
Mug Allows character to steal
Med Data HP recovery from items doubles during battles
Counter Character counterattacks when hit with physical attack
Return Damage When damaged, character returns 1/4 of the damage to enemy
Cover Take damage instead of a weakened ally
Expendx2-1 Reduces the number of magic used in Double from 2 to 1
Expendx3-1 Reduces the number of magic used in Triple from 3 to 1
HP Bonus When a character levels up, HP gains an additional 30 points
Str Bonus When a character levels up, Strength gains an additional point
Vit Bonus When a character levels up, Vitality gains an additional point
Mag Bonus When a character levels up, Magic gains an additional point
Spr Bonus When a character levels up, Spirit gains an additional point
Auto-Refllect Automatically casts Reflect in battle
Auto-Shell Automatically casts Shell in battle
Auto-Protect Automatically casts Protect in battle
Auto-Haste Automatically casts Haste in battle
Initiative ATB guage is always full when battle begins
Move-HP Up Recovers HP by walking on the World Map
Auto-Potion Uses Potion and Hi-Potion from stock automatically when character's HP is low


Party Abilities
Ability Effect Item
Alert Prevents enemy's Back Attack and First Strike, and increases the party's chances for Back Attack and First Strike N/A
Enc-Half Reduces the encounter rate by half N/A
Enc-None Eliminates the encounter rate N/A
Rare Item Rare items become easier to obtain during battle N/A
Move-Find Hidden Save Points and Draw Points become visible N/A


GF Abilities
Ability Effect Item
SumMag+10 / 20 / 30 / 40% Increases GF's attack damage by % Steel Pipe, Star Fragment, Energy Crystal, Samantha Soul
GFHP+10 / 20 / 30 / 40% Increases GF's HP by % Healing Mail, Silver Mail, Gold Armor, Diamond Armor
Boost Increases damage during GF's attack N/A


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